Are Electric Cars The Future?

Hand plugging electric charger
In the last few years, electric cars have been discussed as the future of cars, but only in recent times have there been more opportunities for middle-income households to be able to access these efficient vehicles. With many different environmental issues caused in part by gas use, electric vehicles have... [read more]

How To Best Fix A Dent In Your Car

Portrait of young woman with scratched car at underground parking lot
We’ve all been there at one point or another, one day you look at the side of your car and there is a dent. Whether the dent is your doing or from a mysterious stranger, it still needs to be fixed. Fixing a dent in your vehicle can get pricy,... [read more]

Why Does My Car Hydroplane?

driving in rainy season
One minute, you’re driving along the road without issues, and the next, your car starts skidding and sliding. This is referred to as hydroplaning, and it’s enough to make any driver panic. You feel a complete loss of control and want to avoid it in the future. Find out why... [read more]

Tips To Save Money On Gas

Detail of hand filling the fuel tank of the passenger car
Does it seem like you’re always filling your car up with gas? You’re probably sick of paying all that money to keep your car operational. Fortunately, you can incorporate some strategies to save money on gas. Along with improving your car’s fuel efficiency, the tips will help you pay less... [read more]

What Do The Sounds Of My Brakes Mean?

Car Brakes Repair
Your brakes might not have vocal cords, but they can do a lot of talking. From squealing to screeching, each sound means something. Find out how to decode the messages, so you’ll know what the sounds of your brakes mean. Grinding and Squealing in the Morning Do your brakes make grinding or... [read more]

When Should You Replace Your Vehicle’s Timing Belt?

Timing belt
Your car’s timing belt keeps the crankshaft and camshaft in sync. If it fails, you can end up with severe engine damage. Fortunately, you can avoid this by replacing the belt as needed. Find out when to replace your timing belt, as well as signs that indicate a worn belt. Follow... [read more]

Learn How To Deep Clean Your Car’s Interior

cropped view of car cleaner vacuuming drivers seat in car
When you purchased your car, you probably loved the fresh, clean interior. That time has come and gone, though, and now, your interior is a bit of a mess. It might even be so bad that you’ve considered hiring a professional to tackle it for you, but the cost was... [read more]

Enjoy Your Commute With The Accord Hybrid

Honda Accord Hybrid
Are you in the market for a fuel-efficient vehicle without any compromises? You still want power, performance, and tons of features, but you don’t want to spend as much money on gas. You can get just that with the 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid. It has all the features you love... [read more]

Best Honda Family Cars Of 2021

2021 Honda CR-V
When you were younger, you probably focused on style and performance when buying cars. Now that you have a family, though, you want something that’s safe, comfortable, roomy, reliable, and provides a solid value. You can get all that, plus the style and performance of your younger years, with a... [read more]

Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For The Winter

Driving car in winter time
Greenville might not get very much snow, but the temperature drops quite a bit during winter. Unfortunately, the drop in temperature and possible inclement weather can wreak havoc on your car.  Fortunately, you can make sure your vehicle is ready to power through the season with these tips. Check Under the... [read more]