What To Know About Summer Tire Pressure

Close-Up Of Hand holding pressure gauge for car tyre pressure measurement
The summer heat can affect many of our personal effects and items that we use daily, not the least of which is your car's tires. It is essential to pay attention to your vehicle's tire pressure in the summer. Proper tire maintenance this season can give you peace of mind... [read more]

Steps To Take After Purchasing A New Vehicle

Close up of a couple receiving keys from a salesperson after buying a new car in a showroom. Copy space.
There is nothing quite as exciting as purchasing a new car. As you sign the last bit of paperwork, you may be thinking of the things you want to do in your new vehicle like family road trips or off-roading adventures. You may even consider vehicle customization to personalize your model,... [read more]

Tips To Driving Safe This Summer

Senior Couple Enjoying Summer Day Trip Out Driving In Car Together
Drivers are well aware of the hazards on the road during the winter season, such as snow and ice. Vehicle owners, however, must be just as cautious during the summer season. You may be on holiday, but that does not mean you get a vacation from driving safely in the... [read more]

Fuel Face-Off: Guide To Hybrid, EV, & Gas Cars

electric car and gasoline car concept. hand holding gas pump and power connector for refuel
Car shoppers have more options now than ever. Aside from selecting their favorite brand, body style, and color, drivers buying a new vehicle have their choice of fuel type. From the standard gas-powered vehicles to fuel-efficient options like hybrid and electric cars, car shoppers have plenty of vehicles to choose... [read more]

Doing Things The Honda Way

Honda Prologue
Everyone has heard tales about the stereotypical sleazy car salesman. It can make any car shopper apprehensive to enter a car dealership to find a new vehicle. Our team at Barbour Hendrick Honda understands that buying a new vehicle is a big undertaking in and of itself. You do not... [read more]

Preparing Your Vehicle For A Trade-In

Salesman giving car keys to customer and shaking his hand
  Now is a great time to think about trading in your current vehicle if it is not running as well as it used to. The trade-in process is relatively simple, allows you to upgrade to a vehicle you really want, and lowers monthly payments on your new car. So, if... [read more]

How To Plan A Road Trip In Your Honda Pilot

Excited black family packing their car trunk for a trip to the beach. Happy single dad and playful kids loading their boot for a summer vacation. Time to travel and have fun on a road trip together
Summer is soon to begin, which means fun vacations full of adventures. Some of the most memorable trips are not the ones at all-inclusive resorts or five-star hotels. Often, the most memorable moments of going on holiday occur in the seats of a vehicle like the Honda Pilot. Yes, we are... [read more]

Tips To Keep Your Pilot Running Smoothly

Honda Pilot
For Greenville residents who own a Honda Pilot, you probably enjoy spending time outdoors in your vehicle as well as traveling on the open road for long weekends. These excursions and miles spent on the highway lead to wear and tear on your SUV. Thankfully, Endurance provides tips to keep... [read more]

Which Honda Vehicles Provide All-Wheel Drive?

Honda Vehicle with AWD
When shopping for a new car, people look at the spacious cabin and amenities like a backup camera, heated seats, or the infotainment system, but there is one feature that should not be overlooked. That is the drivetrain. Four drivetrain options are available: all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and... [read more]

Top Five Accessories For Your Civic

Car interior foot mat
If you are the owner of a Honda Civic, then you love taking care of your vehicle. You might even be interested in upgrading your ride with some accessory options. AutoGuide offers some incredible suggestions that will take your driving experience in your Honda Civic to the next level. LED Headlights One... [read more]