What Is Honda Sensing?

Honda Sensing
Millions of people prefer Honda vehicles. After all, this automaker focuses on quality and aesthetics. However, Honda Sensing remains its most popular feature. Loaded with advanced safety features, it’s a must for today’s drivers. Safety First As mentioned, Honda builds automobiles that not only look amazing but also provide comfortable driving. However,... [read more]

Certified Pre-Owned Versus Pre-Owned

Side view of a line of parked cars, in Hamburg
If you want to buy a new car, SUV, or truck but you’re on a budget, consider previously owned vehicles. After all, you can find some excellent deals. However, before you buy, make sure you understand the difference between certified pre-owned and pre-owned. Two Categories Previously owned automobiles fall into one of... [read more]

Always Fix Chips In Your Windshield

Driver disappointed by huge rock chip in windshield. Focus is on the woman.
Especially if you drive a new or newer vehicle, you probably love all its safety features. However, did you know the automotive industry considers the windshield as one of those? So, if you notice a chip in your windshield, even a minor one, be sure to have it fixed. The Purpose... [read more]

Maintenance At The Honda Service Center

When it’s time to have your vehicle serviced, you want to have an ASE-certified technician do the work. After all, both your safety and comfort rely on quality maintenance. You could take your car anywhere. However, for excellent maintenance, visit a Honda Service Center. Optimal Performance and Safety With outstanding service, your... [read more]

Know When To Replace Your Timing Belt

Mechanic is checking the timing belt of a modern car
Things often go wrong with people’s cars because they didn’t have something replaced when they should have. This applies to tires, oil, and the timing belt. Replacing the timing belt at the right time helps you avoid getting stuck on the side of the road. What’s a Timing Belt Although similar to... [read more]

Why You Should Clean Pollen Off Your Car

The spring detail of a car dirty from pollen. The hand is cleaning it with a wet rag.
Because you love your car, you have the oil changed, tires rotated, and fluids filled regularly. In addition, you frequently take it to the car wash, so it always looks great. Despite all that care, did you know pollen can damage your vehicle? As for scheduled maintenance, always turn to... [read more]

How To Decide Between Buying And Leasing

Car loan form or lease application document. Man signing paper contract to sell premium vehicle. Buyer or dealer in agency. Auto insurance or finance paperwork. Deal, policy or financial agreement.
Because people have different opinions, asking them about leasing versus buying a car could cause unnecessary confusion. If you’re considering either option, learning the facts is important. With this information, you’ll have a much easier time deciding between the two options. Buying a New Vehicle To purchase a new car, you’ll need... [read more]

Explore What The Honda Accord Has To Offer

Honda maintains a stellar reputation as one of the most innovative automakers. So it rolls out vehicles yearly with exciting new features. That includes the stunning 2023 Honda Accord. Find out why people are buzzing about the new lineup. What’s All the Fuss? There’s not one thing that makes the 2023 Honda... [read more]

Tips For Your First Off-Road Adventure

Off-roading is fun and offers a unique way to get into beautiful and remote locations. However, there are important things to think about before you go. The proper preparation can ensure your experience is safe and enjoyable. But not everyone does their homework before going off-road. Here are some useful tips for... [read more]

Take A Look At The 2023 Ridgeline

For years, the Ridgeline has offered a seamless combination of utility, looks, and dependability. And the 2023 Honda Ridgeline is no exception. From tackling trails to hauling gear, you know you can do the job. It’s time to take a fresh look at the 2023 Ridgeline. In Charge on the Road or Off Versatility... [read more]