Which Honda Vehicles Provide All-Wheel Drive?

Honda Vehicle with AWD
When shopping for a new car, people look at the spacious cabin and amenities like a backup camera, heated seats, or the infotainment system, but there is one feature that should not be overlooked. That is the drivetrain. Four drivetrain options are available: all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and... [read more]

Top Five Accessories For Your Civic

Car interior foot mat
If you are the owner of a Honda Civic, then you love taking care of your vehicle. You might even be interested in upgrading your ride with some accessory options. AutoGuide offers some incredible suggestions that will take your driving experience in your Honda Civic to the next level. LED Headlights One... [read more]

Review Of The 2024 Passport Black Edition

Passport Black Edition
  Are you in the market for a midsize SUV with a great driving experience, roomy seating, and a touch of style? Barbour Hendrick Honda offers a brief review of the 2024 Passport Black Edition! Discover the remarkable features of this Passport trim level that make this SUV stand out. Energetic Drive You're... [read more]

Tips For Pumping Gas Safely

Refueling Car With Gasoline Pump Nozzle
  As a responsible car owner, you understand the importance of regularly fueling your vehicle. We are typically in a rush while at the gas station, hastily pumping the gas as we think of the next place we need to get to that we may not consider the equally important step... [read more]

Brake Noises To Never Ignore

Mechanic working on brakes
The latest vehicle models boast many safety features to keep you and your loved ones safe. Still, the most important safety feature you need for your car is the brakes, after all, they are the last means of defense on the road for you to avoid any collision. Therefore, your... [read more]

What To Do About Condensation In Your Car

condensation on car window
There is nothing worse than turning on your car to go to work or run errands, only to find that your vehicle's windows instantly fog up. Not only is it annoying, but it is also a safety hazard as it impairs your ability to see the road clearly. If you... [read more]

How To Protect Your Car From Sand

Happy Family with car travel road trip. summer vacation in car in the sunset, Dad, mom and daughter happy traveling enjoy together driving in holidays, people lifestyle ride by automobile.
If you live in Greenville, North Carolina, you may not give sand too much thought. Your charming home city, however, is only a couple of hours from the Atlantic Ocean. This means opportunities to visit the beach! While a day at the beach can be marvelous, loading up in your... [read more]

Electrical Issues Your Honda Dealer Should Fix

Alternator under the hood of a modern car. Car electrical equipment.
You never want to run into car issues, but sometimes, life can throw you a curve ball and you find yourself in need of auto service. While some routine auto repairs can certainly be done in your driveway, such as an oil change or refilling your fluid levels, other repairs... [read more]

Tips For Maintaining Your Car’s Performance

Happy male driver holding steering wheel and driving a car
It is important to maintain your car's performance. Over the years you have probably heard the same tips for maintaining your vehicle. Some may be convinced that regular oil changes and tire rotations are enough to keep a vehicle in top condition. However, some driving tips won't cost you a... [read more]

Comparing The 2024 Passport Trim Levels

2024 Passport Black Edition in the forest
The 2024 Honda Passport is an exceptional SUV that is offered in three different trim levels. These three levels are the EX-L, TrailSport, and Black Edition. Each offers amazing features and amenities to drivers, so selecting one of these three trims may be a difficult decision. It all comes down... [read more]