Why Are Honda Vehicles So Reliable?

Young couple traveling by car
Once people buy a Honda, they often become lifelong fans of the brand. And when you ask them why they stick with Honda, many say it’s because the brand is so reliable. People know Honda offers safe, long-lasting cars and trucks. But what makes them so reliable? Let’s look at... [read more]

Check Out The Most Common Car Problems

Services car engine machine
These days, cars have many standard features and tons of electronic parts that vehicles in the past didn’t have. In addition, cars need regular maintenance to stay in good condition. And people are driving cars longer and farther than ever, leading to car problems. Check out the most common car problems... [read more]

Begin Your Summer Road Trip In Style Thanks To The Exceptional Odyssey

Honda Odyssey
Choosing the right vehicle for your family is vital. You’ll need something reliable for daily driving. However, it’s just as important to have a good vehicle for road trips and vacations. The Honda Odyssey has long been one of the top choices for families. It’s roomy, dependable, and has a... [read more]

Why You Should Consider Buying A Honda Hybrid

Honda Insight
More and more, you hear about hybrid vehicles. They are becoming more common to see on the roads of Greenville, NC, and elsewhere. You may wonder what the appeal is of such models. If you are starting to shop for a new vehicle, it would be helpful to look at... [read more]

Most Common Electric Vehicle Charging Station Questions

Human hand is holding charging connect power supply plugged into an electric car
Electric vehicles have been available for several years. These vehicles are becoming more and more common and popular. A big reason for this is the rise in gas prices. Saving money by not having to buy fuel is appealing to many car owners. There are also environmental benefits and much... [read more]

How To Use Honda Roadside Assistance

Happy woman calling someone for help
Anyone whose car has ever broken down or been left stranded on the road knows how frustrating it can be. For example, a dead battery, flat tire, or sputtering engine can put you in a stressful, even dangerous situation. Fortunately, Honda Roadside Assistance is available for Greenville drivers. This benefit... [read more]

Honda Dominates Awards For 2022 Best Cars For Families

Happy family in a minivan.
The U.S. News dubbed four Honda models as the best vehicle for families in their respective categories. So, if you're shopping for a new family vehicle, take a look at how the organization chooses each vehicle and use this list to kick off your car shopping research. U.S. News chooses a... [read more]

Get Ready For The 2024 Honda Prologue

Honda grille
The arrival of the 2024 Honda Prologue will be the start of Honda's push to introduce BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) models in North America. However, the Prologue will not be Honda's first entrance into the electric SUV market. The manufacturer has already developed electric SUVs derived from the Honda HR-V,... [read more]

Don’t Forget To Follow A Maintenance Schedule

Do not hesitate to schedule a service appointment at Barbour Hendrick Honda and let our skilled technicians get to work returning your vehicle to you in peak condition. Whether your vehicle needs routine maintenance or detailed repairs, you can be certain that all of your auto-related needs will not only... [read more]

Learn More About Honda Safety Features

Intelligent car with driver assistance features displayed on heads up display.
Keeping drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safe is a top priority for Honda. That's why Honda builds a basic comprehensive package of safety and driver assistance features into every vehicle they manufacture.  On top of that, the manufacturer offers a robust list of available features. To find out more about how... [read more]