9 Reasons To Buy A Honda

Portrait of young woman driving a car
If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you have to choose a manufacturer. The competition might be fierce, but Honda stands out. Let’s go over nine reasons to buy a Honda. Then head to your local dealership to complete the deal. 1.      Stylish Inside and Out You don’t have... [read more]

Winter-Proof Your Ride With These Tips

man sits at the wheel of his car sunny winter day shoeing thumbs up gesture. Wintertime road trip.
Winter will be here before you know it, but you still have time to get your vehicle ready. The right winter-proofing strategies will help you overcome ice, tire traction problems, and more. Find out what you need to do to winter-proof your ride this year. Then, get started, so you’ll... [read more]

Why Do I Need My Tires Aligned?

One young mechanic balancing a tire in auto repair shop.
You’ve likely heard that you need to get your tires aligned but might not know why. Because of that, you might find yourself putting it off month after month. However, once you find out why you need your tires aligned, you’ll realize it needs to be a priority on your... [read more]

Get The Scoop On The Redesigned Honda Accord

2021 Honda Accord
The Honda Accord has always been a stylish vehicle, but the 2021 model year is better than ever. The newly redesigned Accord has an updated style and new features. It even has a new trim option, adding to an already tremendous value. Get the details on the redesigned Honda Accord... [read more]

Make The Change: Honda’s Electric Vehicles

2021 Hybrid Honda Accord
Are you tired of filling up at the gas station every week? Not only does it take up your time, but it’s expensive. You can save on gas while enjoying a stylish ride by purchasing one of Honda’s electric or hybrid vehicles. Honda has a ton of offerings that fit... [read more]

Important Vehicle Fluids and Why

automobile oil changing
Your car’s fluids are responsible for various functions such as engine performance, steering, and braking. As a vehicle owner, it’s important to devote some time to fluid maintenance. Maintaining your car’s fluids will help you extend the vehicle’s longevity while also ensuring optimal performance. Let’s go over some of the... [read more]

Stuck With A Flat Tire? Follow These Steps

Woman changing wheel after a car breakdown at the side of the road.
No matter how careful you are, you’ll likely get a flat tire at some point in your life. As frustrating as a flat tire is, you can change it and get back on the road quickly by following some tips. Find out how to change a flat tire so you’ll... [read more]

Everything You Need To Know About The Drive Belt

auto technician working under the hood of a vehicle
Did you know that your car uses three types of drive belts? The serpentine belt, V-belt, and timing belt keep your vehicle running at optimal levels. Thus, the belts must always be in working order. Find out everything you need to know about drive belts so you can monitor them.... [read more]

Prepare For Fall With This Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Auto mechanic working in garage
Summer is coming to an end, and fall will be here before you know it. It’s been another hot summer, and the heat can take its toll on your car. Thus, you need to perform some maintenance so your car will be ready for fall. Use this vehicle maintenance checklist... [read more]

100K Mile Maintenance Tips

Close-Up Of Hand holding pressure gauge for car
At one time, reaching the 100,000-mile mark was a sign that it was time to trade in your car. Now, though, it’s not unusual for cars to run for 150,000 to 200,000 miles. If you want your car to last for the long haul, you’ll need to perform the proper... [read more]