10 Ways To Decorate Your Car For Halloween

If you like Halloween, you know decorating is one of the best parts. Festive pumpkins, witches, bats, and more are fun ways to enjoy the season. But you don’t have to keep all your decorations at home. In fact, there are many ways you can show your Halloween spirit with your car. Try these 10 ways to decorate your car for Halloween.

What’s in Your Trunk?

If you like the gory side of the holiday, then you could go with the classic body part sticking out of the trunk. At many stores, you’ll find a disembodied hand, arm, or foot. Then, you can shut the end of it in your trunk with the rest of the limb hanging out to scare other drivers as you go by.

Light It Up

There are many different interior light kits you can buy in a lot of Halloween colors. Give your car an eerie glow with LED lights.

Window Decals

From clinging cats to action figures, window clings are fun and let people know that Halloween is on your mind wherever you go. But if you add a window cling, you’ll want to ensure you can still safely see the cars around you. Add your window cling and check your visibility before you’re in motion to ensure it doesn’t cause any blind spots.

Halloween Is Magnetic

Of course, you may not want to add anything to your windows that could obstruct your view or distract you. Instead, try magnets that you can place on the doors or trunk of your car. They could feature fun Halloween things like candy, black cats, or more gory pictures. And magnets will let you decorate to your heart’s content without damaging the paint. Then, when the season is over, you can remove and store them for next year.

Spiders Spinning

Around your car’s back window, you can stretch fake spider webs and add a few plastic spiders.

Halloween Dash

Don’t forget to decorate your dashboard too. For example, grab a few solar-powered bobble toys for whimsy fun. Or add some spider webbing to the dash and the back window.

Bug Out

For many people, creepy things are a big part of Halloween, and bugs can be creepy. In addition to the spiders, think about adding some roaches or other crawling bugs. In fact, you can create a custom look with window or sticker decals or even little plastic roaches placed on the dash or stuck to the windows.

Roof Rack Rider

Attach a scary dummy to your roof rack to make it look like you’re trying to escape a zombie attack. However, you’ll want to ensure your ‘extra rider’ is secure and won’t fly off while driving.

Trunk or Treat

Many schools and other places host Trunk or Treat programs. Make your trunk scary or fun with a set of hand-crafted teeth and a long tongue for a trunk monster.

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The Ghostly Passenger

Dress up a dummy like a vampire, ghost, witch, or another scary character. Then, prop it up in the passenger seat for fun on the road.

Many people love Halloween for its creepy and scary decorations. But what’s really scary is ignoring maintenance issues in your car. At Barbour Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina, our service department is ready with scarily good deals. Schedule your vehicle for a check-up and enjoy your Halloween safely.

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