Defensive Driving Tips To Teach Your Teen

Teaching your teen to drive is a critical time in their lives. They’re becoming more independent and are often eager to explore on their own. But driving is risky for people of all ages. And teens are often at a greater risk of making a mistake. Help your teen master the rules of the road and stay safer with these defensive driving tips.

Plan Ahead

Possibly the hardest habit to teach, planning ahead is also one of the most valuable. Many teens are impulsive and live in the moment, and don’t think too many steps ahead at a time. But this can lead to them ending up in avoidable situations. Help them practice planning and develop good habits by taking a moment before they leave the house. Encourage your teen to check the weather and even use a map app to plan their route. A little bit of planning can ensure they know what’s ahead and can avoid potential dangers.

Practice Looking Around

It can take time and practice to get used to looking all around you while driving. Teens may rely on the front and rear windshields but forget to check on the sides and in their blind spots. In fact, teens may not even realize they have blind spots until you point them out — or something happens. Have your teen sit in the car while it’s off while you walk around it. Ask them to watch you using the mirrors and windows.

Distraction Free

Both teens and adults alike face more distractions while driving than ever. And with the music playing, cell phones, and friends, your teen could take their attention off the road one too many times. Many smartphones have a feature that disables texting while driving. In addition, show your teen they can put the phone out of their line of sight to make it harder to get distracted by a text or notification.

Gimme Space

Many people, not just teens, want to get where they’re going as quickly as possible. However, this desire can sometimes lead people to follow other cars too closely. Teens often believe they can react quickly enough to a sudden change only to find that they were too close. Show your teen they can allow a bigger gap between them and other cars and still get where they need to go.

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Make Sure Your Car Is Safe

Your teen lacks experience and may not know what to do if there’s a mechanical problem. You can reduce this risk by getting regular maintenance. At Barbour Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina, our service department knows how essential it is that your car is in great condition. Make an appointment today for a tune-up or brake check and keep your teen safer on the road.

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