Winter Prep Checklist

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Summer temperatures are cooling down, and fall is creeping closer. And after the wear and tear of summer driving, it’s a great time to check over your car. Summer weather can cause minor issues for your car, and fall and winter bring their own potential problems. Use this winter prep checklist to prepare your car for harsher winter weather.

Take a Look at the Tires

Your tires are vital to your safety on the road. After driving all summer to fun and exciting places, your tires might need some attention. When you inspect your tires, look for:

  • Tread depth: If your tread is worn to less than 4/32-inch, then you are putting yourself at risk. You may not have enough traction, especially in wet conditions, to stop in time.
  • Winter tires: If you are driving in wet or snowy conditions, you might want to change to winter tires.
  • Tire pressure: Even well-maintained tires can lose pressure as you drive. Check your tire pressure and add air if needed. If your tire pressure is low, then you may take longer to come to a stop. In addition, you’ll also be less fuel-efficient.

Check Your Car Battery

You can invest in a low-cost battery tester to check your car battery. If the charge is low, you might want to change the battery or have a mechanic check for other issues. And while you’re testing your battery, take a look at the battery terminals. They can become corroded. You’ll want to keep the connections clean:

  1. Disconnect the negative cable and then the positive.
  2. Use a wire brush to clean the corrosion off.
  3. Protect the terminals with a protectant spray.

Keep Moving Parts Working

Hinges, door locks, and other places on your car can wear out and get stuck, especially in bad weather. After the summer heat, grab a spray can of lube to protect parts in winter. Spray and wipe down the weather stripping around your doors to keep them from cracking. In addition, you can spray a little lube into your key door locks if you have them to ensure the parts inside move smoothly. Don’t forget to spray your door hinges too. Finally, grab some lithium grease to lube your hood latch.

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Get Winter-Ready

Of course, you’ll also want to check your wiper blades and change them if worn. And it’s a good idea to check your emergency kit or add one if you don’t have one. Your kit should have some first aid supplies and other things like a flashlight, fresh batteries, emergency food and water, and flares. And if you notice odd sounds or your car doesn’t feel right, don’t wait until the problem worsens.

Getting stranded during the winter could be dangerous and definitely would be inconvenient. In addition, waiting to fix problems can make the problem more costly. At Barbour Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina, you can trust our service technicians to check your car thoroughly. Make an appointment to inspect your car as part of your winter prep.

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