8 Car Gadgets That Will Make Great Gifts

It’s not always easy to buy something for a friend, family member, or loved one. However, if they love their vehicle or spend a lot of time driving, consider these car gifts. Some are fun and whimsical, whereas others serve a practical purpose. Check out some of the best car accessories you can gift your loved ones.

Glass Screen Protector

This isn’t just any screen protector, but one made of tempered glass designed specifically for a touchscreen display. Once applied, not only will this protect the surface, but it will also make it easier to see all the different icons. In addition, this protector makes it easier to clean the screen.

Wireless Charger with a USB Port

Today, newer automobiles have one or more USB ports. However, if the person you want to buy a car gift for drives an older model, it’s hard to keep a phone charged. Along with the convenience of having wireless charging capability for their smartphone, this gives them an additional option to charge devices.

Lip Spoiler

This makes a great gift for someone who wants a sportier-looking vehicle. Even at an affordable price, a lip spoiler gives cars a high-end appearance. This comes as a three-piece kit, which isn’t difficult to install, but with drilling involved, you might have a professional do the job.

Headlight Upgrade

Here’s another awesome gift that’ll improve the appearance of the person’s car. Instead of more traditional headlights, you can give them an LED headlight kit. Again, this will give their vehicle an updated look but, at the same time, improve driving visibility.

Cleaning Kit

This is especially great for someone who can’t stand a dirty car. This kit comes with everything they’ll need to maintain a spotless interior. It comes with a special cleaning tool for hard-to-reach areas like air vents and cup holders. In addition, the kit has a cleaning gel that works and smells great. It’s ideal for dashboards, door handles, gear shift, and other surfaces.

Unique Headrests

For someone who loves animals and doesn’t mind having a unique interior, you could opt for headrests that look like cats or dogs. Made with high-resolution computer printing, the details look incredibly real. Not only are they easy to install, but they’re also machine washable.

Automatic Fire Extinguisher

This gift is so awesome that you might decide to buy one for yourself too. Since it isn’t handheld operated, it’s much easier to put a fire out under the hood. Although small in size, it’s big in performance. One of the best things about this car gift is that it works on all kinds of fires, including electrical, gas, solid, and liquid.

LED Cupholder Lights

If you know someone who wants to make the interior of their car look cool, this car gift won’t disappoint. While the cupholders come in the standard 2.7-inch diameter, you can choose from seven different colors. To operate the lights, simply plug the cord into a USB port.

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Endless Possibilities

When it comes to car gifts, you’ll have no problem finding something that’s perfect. With so many possibilities, you might ask the individual for some suggestions. As mentioned, another great gift idea is to have the person’s car serviced. For that, the experts at Barbour Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina, can help.

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