How To Transport Holiday Food In Your Car

During the holidays, a lot of people load up food in their vehicles. If not careful, that could lead to a disaster. After all, things spill. As a result, they have to deal with stains and lingering smells. Knowing how to properly transport holiday dishes will ensure that everything arrives intact. So, if you plan to take holiday dishes to a relative’s house this year, you’ll appreciate these tips on avoiding ruining your car’s interior.


It’s common to find numerous casserole dishes on the table for both a Thanksgiving and Christmas meal. The challenge is that the food is hot. For that reason, you wouldn’t want someone to hold it in their lap while you drive to a family’s home.

Depending on the type of dish, a spill could easily become your worst nightmare. Just imagine hot cheese or a cream sauce ending up all over the seats and carpet. To transport casseroles safely and easily, one option is to place the dish flat on the floor. Even better, buy a travel dish designed specifically for casseroles. You can purchase a dish that comes with a secure lid, as well.

You could also place the casserole flat inside a plastic laundry basket or tub kept in the trunk. To secure it, place a few rolled-up towels around it. That way, if you break hard or make a turn too quickly, the food won’t go flying everywhere.

Crockpot Food

Similar to casseroles, most things made in a crockpot are hot. However, there is one significant difference. Casseroles are usually somewhat solid. For that reason, the food doesn’t slosh around. In comparison, food made in crockpots typically contains some kind of liquid. That increases the risk of a spill.

For this, you can use the same techniques mentioned for casseroles. For extra security, consider using bungee cords that go over the lid, slip through the handles, and secure underneath. If you need to drive quite a distance, you can invest in a portable heating device. This plugs into a car’s 12-volt power outlet. Some units work for both hot and cold food.

Homemade Pies

You can’t have a holiday feast without homemade pies. Like other dishes, they can spill if not properly secured while driving. The easiest and most inexpensive way to protect your pies is to cover them with tinfoil. Then, place it on the floor or in a basket placed in the trunk.

If you’re taking more than one pie, put them side by side on a flat cookie sheet. Along with putting tinfoil on top of them, wrap it completely around the entire sheet. Even then, be sure you transport them on a flat surface inside the cabin or trunk.

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Coming Home with Leftovers

Okay, so what happens if you took a dish in a disposable container, but now you have a lot of leftovers to take home? For this, bring several sealable plastic bags, foil, and plastic containers with lids. That’ll make it easy to load up food without worrying about anything spilling.

If you usually take multiple dishes, you’ll need the right vehicle. That’s where Barbour Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina, can help.

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