Car Wash Brushes To Check Out This Summer

Car wash with soapy foam pouring over a car bumper.
No matter where you’re going, it pays to show up looking clean and ready. The same goes for your car, and a regular car wash allows your vehicle to look its best and shine like the day you first drove it home. If you’ve been letting your car collect dirt... [read more]

Check Out The One-Of-A-Kind 2020 Honda Accord

Red 2020 Honda Accord
It's hard to picture an automotive world without the legendary Honda Accord. This midsize sedan has carved out quite a niche for itself among cars that can't quite measure up in terms of quality, efficiency, reliability, and value. When you're shopping for a family car that does it all, the... [read more]

Give Your Car A Break – Check Your Brakes

Mechanic replacing car brake pads.
Technology has never been more present than it is today in the automotive industry. Vehicle manufacturers have always championed technological advances and continue to look for ways to use technology to upgrade convenience, comfort, and most importantly safety. Every year cars are built to provide more luxury and more ways... [read more]

Why You Should Change Your Oil Regularly

Mechanic demonstrating an oil change.
Everyone hates it when the check engine light comes on. It’s never good, but fortunately more times than not it’s your car letting you know that the oil needs to be replaced. Granted, no one likes to spend time or money on their vehicle’s upkeep, the alternative could be far... [read more]

Two Honda SUVs You Need In Your Life

2020 Honda Pilot
Honda has commanded respect in the automotive industry for quality vehicles that you can rely on for many years. There are two vehicles that lead the way and continually redefine what an SUV can be. Let’s take a look at the two Honda SUVs you need in your life. 2020 Honda... [read more]

How To Pick The Perfect Used Car At Barbour Hendrick Honda

A couple in a white sedan showing off their new car and key.
Whether you're looking for a starter car for a teen driver or just looking to save money through lower insurance premiums, used cars offer many attractive benefits. The most obvious benefit is the lower cost, which can often enable you to get a nicer trim level than you'd be able... [read more]

It’s Never Too Late For Spring Cleaning Your Honda

spring cleaning car
You've organized the garage, dusted every blind in the house, and swept every floor. What's left to spring clean? Your car! You spend a lot of time in your car between daily errands and commutes, running kids to activities, and heading out for road trip vacations, so it's no wonder... [read more]

Stay Connected With The Honda Passport

Passport Technology
The Honda Passport is a relative newcomer to the Honda lineup. Debuting for the 2019 model year, the Passport joined the brand's popular HR-V, CR-V, and Pilot models to enrich the brand's SUV offerings. As a midsize SUV with an enormous cargo area, a strong V6 engine, and a high-quality... [read more]

Browse The Many Service Specials At Barbour Hendrick Honda

Raise your hand if you actually enjoy taking your car to the shop. ...Anyone? We didn't think so. It takes time that you'd rather spend doing something else. It takes money you'd much rather spend elsewhere. But the thing is, auto maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle... [read more]

Get Your Car Cleaned In Greenville

Car Wash
How your car looks says a lot about you. And if it's currently sporting layers of grit and grime, road dust and dead bugs, it's not doing your image any favors. If you want to get your ride sparkling clean and back to showroom status, it's time for a really... [read more]