Creating A Family Car-Sharing Schedule

A happy teenage girl sitting in the drivers seat of a car. Her father is standing outside, handing her the key through the open window. She has just passed the driving test for her license, and has a new graduation gift.
With car-sharing, an individual who owns a vehicle allows others to drive it. So good planning is crucial whether a car belongs to you or you’re interested in driving another person’s vehicle. That way, everyone enjoys significant benefits. After buying a vehicle from Barbour-Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina, consider... [read more]

How To Calculate The Cost Of Owning A Car

Business man putting calculator to calculate his account in office for saving,financial,with car toy,coins and the key on desk concept.
Are you ready to buy your first car? Are you looking to upgrade to a newer model? Either way, it never hurts to know how much it’ll cost to own a vehicle. Remember, even if you’ve driven for years, prices change depending on the model and insurance. The first step... [read more]

6 Car Seat Safety Tips

Baby in rear facing car seat has the safety belt on
Parents spend a lot of time worrying about their kids. That includes time at home, school, and even in the car. For younger children, not only do car seats protect them, but they’re also required by law. Before driving your vehicle from Barbour-Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina, consider these... [read more]

Vehicle Shopping Tips For Teen Drivers

A side view photo of a teenage girl in a car as her mother sits next to her and hands her the keys to drive.
Every teenager looks forward to the day when they buy a car. Often, parents provide guidance when shopping around. However, some teens choose a vehicle on their own. These tips for young drivers will make it easier to find the right car. Barbour-Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina, is a... [read more]

Tips For Sharing The Family Car

With tight budgets and the high price of gas, a lot of families share a single vehicle. If you and your family drive the same car, you probably feel frustrated. Here are some great tips to make the situation easier to handle. Also, instead of driving something that breaks down... [read more]

What You Need To Know About Gifting A Car

Man in denim shirt in front of driver side door of a new car receiving a set of car keys with a red bow on it.
A lot of people gift vehicles to their loved ones as a gift. And if this is something you want to do, make sure you understand all the requirements first. After all, you want a smooth transaction, not one that creates unnecessary stress for you and your family members. This... [read more]

Off-Roading In The 2023 Honda Passport

Some off-road vehicles handle terrain with ease. However, they don’t offer a smooth ride. Well, the 2023 Honda Passport is different. First, it boasts a sleek and spacious interior. Second, it has a rugged exterior design. Third, it comes with a host of features that enhance both safety and comfort.... [read more]

Get Ready For The All-New Honda Prologue

Switching to an all-electric vehicle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice features. Not only that, but you can also drive an SUV that gives you more cargo room than a car. The new electrified Prologue SUV from Honda is a prime example. Find out what makes this electric vehicle unique... [read more]

8 Car Gadgets That Will Make Great Gifts

Modern wireless smartphone charging in a car. Dashboard in background.
It’s not always easy to buy something for a friend, family member, or loved one. However, if they love their vehicle or spend a lot of time driving, consider these car gifts. Some are fun and whimsical, whereas others serve a practical purpose. Check out some of the best car... [read more]

What We Know About The 2023 Honda Pilot

2023 Pilot
Honda has a stellar reputation. A part of that is its rollout of new vehicles and trims. In other words, each new generation offers more or better than the one before. The 2023 Honda Pilot is a perfect example of this. Emerging Details Currently, no one knows what’s included in the 2023... [read more]