What To Expect During Your Honda’s Annual Inspection

technician performing annual inspection on car
Honda has an incredible lineup of vehicles. While Honda models are exceptionally made, it is still necessary to perform routine car maintenance on your Honda vehicle annually. If you are a new Honda car owner, you may not be familiar with an annual Honda inspection. GetJerry.com offers some insight on... [read more]

Tips To Care For Your Car After A Road Trip

Washing wheel arch with a jet of water in a self service car wash.
During the summer season, many folks go for road trips. These trips are a superb way to have fun with your family while checking out new destinations. You do, however, spend a lot of time on the road in your car on these journeys. Once you come home, you are... [read more]

5 Items Car Owners Need In Their Vehicle

Charging smart phones in the car
From daily commutes and errands to road trips and weekends spent at the ballpark, it can sometimes feel like you live in your car. In the backseats and the trunk, there is stuff taking up space, but is it the right stuff? With owning a vehicle, you know there are... [read more]

How To Inspect Your Oil?

How to Inspect Your Oil
If you desire to have a vehicle with a long lifespan and excellent performance, then routine maintenance can go a long way. One of the most vital tasks in maintaining your car is oil checks. The purpose of motor oil is to ensure that each component of your engine is... [read more]

Is It Time To Have Your Tires Rotated?

Is It Time To Have Your Tires Rotated?
An often overlooked but essential auto service is tire rotation. Tire rotation simply assists with the longevity of your vehicle's tires by rotating or moving them around to help them wear evenly. Not only does this service aid with the lifespan of your tires but it also assists in improving... [read more]

Use These Products To Clean Your Car

Cleaning leather car seat and upholstery with brush. Car detailing
We care about our valuables, and one of the biggest assets you own is your car. It makes sense then that you would want to properly take care of your vehicle. Of course, proper maintenance is in order, but it is also essential to keep your vehicle looking nice and... [read more]

Find The Right Car Cover For You

Car covered and parked in parking lot
For some people, their car is their baby. They wash and wax it regularly. They make sure to keep the gas tank full. They'll even go so far as to name it. This may sound like you. Hey, we're not here to judge. After all, the team at Barbour Hendrick... [read more]

Why Honda Engines Set Its Models Apart

Honda is a well-respected auto manufacturer, producing an elite lineup of pristine sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and minivans. The brand has built models that exude power as well as provide fuel efficiency. Honda vehicles are dependable as well as eye-catching with many households swearing to only buy cars with the... [read more]

Which Body Style Is Right For You?

Which Body Style is right for you?
The automotive market can be overwhelming when you are shopping for vehicles. Honestly, where do you even begin with your search? One simple way to narrow down your search is to ask yourself, "Which body style is right for you?" You technically could break down these body styles into ten... [read more]

Don’t Let Your Car Overheat

person looking under hood of car with steam rising from engine
It’s hot out there. The summer sun is beating down and raising temperatures here in North Carolina, and it’s important to keep cool during this sweltering season. When the mercury rises, it’s also essential to keep your engine temperature in-check, as when things get too hot under the hood, your... [read more]