Move Effortlessly In The Honda Motocompacto


Honda is always taking great strides in innovation to make transportation a pleasure to get where you need and want to go. Honda’s latest creation is the Honda Motocompacto. The Motocompacto is a folding scooter with a sleek and stylish design that can take you anywhere around the city. Take a closer look at the Honda Motocompacto to see how this micro-mobility vehicle’s key features offer complete freedom in your daily commute.

Fits Anywhere

City commuters have long relied on multiple means of travel. Whether it was compact sedans, the public transit system, motorcycles, bicycles, or electric scooters, there have been several modes of transportation for those working or visiting the city. What makes the Honda Motocompacto a dream, however, compared to these other options are its accessibility and more importantly, its portability. You no longer have to wait for a bus or a subway. There is no need to download a specific app to rent the city-provided electric scooters or bikes. There also does not have to be any concern about finding a parking space or someone taking your bike or scooter. With the Honda Motocompacto, transportation is right at your fingertips. Once you arrive at your destination, you can simply fold the scooter and carry it with you inside. The Motocompacto fits anywhere you are going!

Perfect Design

When the tires of the Motocompacto are not on the road, you can fold the scooter to about the size of a large briefcase. This makes the Honda scooter ideal for young professionals as they move about the city, going in and out of meetings. When folded, the Motocompacto is a mere 3.7 inches wide, 21.1 inches tall and 29.2 inches long. You can easily stow the Honda Motocompacto just about anywhere, thanks to its optimal design.

Performance Capability

The Honda Motocompacto can get you where you need to go. In seven seconds, the Honda scooter can reach up to 15 mph. With a fully charged Motocompacto, you can peruse the city on your scooter for three and a half hours or cover 12 miles of travel, whichever comes first. While the electric scooter itself is a mere 41.3 lbs, it can carry up to 265 lbs.

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Ideal for Multiple Lifestyles

The Honda Motocompacto is versatile, fitting into any space. The electric scooter also fits multiple lifestyles. Carry it with you as you commute around the city or bring it on your travels. Whether you are a young coed or a busy professional, the Motocompacto’s sleek design is ideal for a range of lifestyles.


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