Why Do I Need My Tires Aligned?

One young mechanic balancing a tire in auto repair shop.

You’ve likely heard that you need to get your tires aligned but might not know why. Because of that, you might find yourself putting it off month after month. However, once you find out why you need your tires aligned, you’ll realize it needs to be a priority on your to-do list. Let’s dig in, so you’ll understand why this is a vital maintenance task.

Avoid Atypical Tire Wear

Your tires develop different wear patterns from use. If you don’t align your tires, some of your tires will wear out much faster than they should, meaning you’ll have to replace them. Plus, the atypical wear patterns put you at risk for a blowout. On the other hand, rotating your tires promotes even wear patterns. You’ll get much more out of your tires and stay safer on the road by following a rotation schedule.

Ensure Proper Traction

Your tires need to grip the road when you’re driving so you can maintain control of the vehicle. If they cannot get enough traction, you could end up driving off the road. Fortunately, aligning your tires will ensure that you maintain optimal traction at all times. Your car will handle better, feel more stable, and drive better when you align your tires.

Maintain Fuel Efficiency

Misaligned tires require more energy to rotate, which burns excess gas. If your tires are misaligned, you’ll find yourself filling up with fuel more often than expected. The high price of gasoline can hurt your bank account quite a bit. Fortunately, you can maintain fuel efficiency by aligning your tires.

Avoid Steering Pull

Does your car drift to the left or right when you take your hands off the wheel? That typically happens because your tires aren’t aligned. The uneven wear patterns cause your car to drift, making it more challenging to drive. By keeping your tires aligned, you’re less likely to deal with this problem.

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Enjoy a Smoother Ride

When tires have uneven wear patterns, you can expect your ride to be anything but smooth. You can expect to feel every bump on the road, and your car might even vibrate. That makes your car anything but fun to drive. Thus, keep your tires aligned so that you can avoid this problem.

Aligning your tires is a big job that’s best left to the pros. Schedule a tire alignment service at Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville in Greenville, North Carolina. Our certified technicians will tackle the task and help you get back on the road.

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