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Electrical Issues Your Honda Dealer Should Fix

Alternator under the hood of a modern car. Car electrical equipment.
You never want to run into car issues, but sometimes, life can throw you a curve ball and you find yourself in need of auto service. While some routine auto repairs can certainly be done in your driveway, such as an oil change or refilling your fluid levels, other repairs... [read more]

Enjoy The Rugged Outdoors In A Honda

Honda Ridgeline driving through the mud
If you love venturing into the great outdoors, it helps to have a vehicle that can be there for you, no matter the terrain or weather conditions. Honda has a superb lineup that is ideal for trekking through the unbeaten paths. Discover the perks of driving a Honda in the... [read more]

Honda’s Commitment To Safety

Honda safety features
Some drivers want a powerful performer. Others desire a vehicle with the latest technology. Other car owners prize a comfortable cabin filled with luxury amenities. All can agree, however, that safety is of the utmost importance. Understanding the value of safety, Honda is committed to your well-being on the road... [read more]

Move Effortlessly In The Honda Motocompacto

Honda is always taking great strides in innovation to make transportation a pleasure to get where you need and want to go. Honda's latest creation is the Honda Motocompacto. The Motocompacto is a folding scooter with a sleek and stylish design that can take you anywhere around the city. Take... [read more]

Prepare Your Honda For A Winter Road Trip

Prepare Honda for winter road trip
The winter elements can be demanding to your car, and it is typically this time of year that you do a lot of traveling to see family and friends. That is why it is essential that you adequately prepare your Honda for a winter road trip. USA Today offers some... [read more]

Honda: The Perfect Choice for Families

family in SUV
As your family grows in numbers or just as your kids continue to grow, you may realize that you need a reliable and spacious family car. While you shop for your next family vehicle, there can be no denying that the name Honda probably came up. After all, the Japanese... [read more]

The Importance Of Using OEM Parts

Men Filling Cargo Box Container on Roof Rack for Vacations
If you're looking for ways to improve your vehicle, you should purchase genuine Honda Accessories and parts. When you use OEM parts, you're helping your vehicle continue to function properly. It allows your model to be a more reliable vehicle mile after mile. Maintaining your vehicle's maintenance is an essential... [read more]

9 Reasons To Buy A Honda

Portrait of young woman driving a car
If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you have to choose a manufacturer. The competition might be fierce, but Honda stands out. Let’s go over nine reasons to buy a Honda. Then head to your local dealership to complete the deal. 1.      Stylish Inside and Out You don’t have... [read more]

Tackle Anything In A Honda

Honda grille
When it comes to shopping for your next new vehicle, you want one that can handle anything the road throws your way. Whether it is a car, truck, or SUV, your new vehicle has to be ready for everything. So, the next time you plan a road trip adventure, you... [read more]

Check Out Honda’s Military Appreciation Offer!

Here in Greenville, we are immensely grateful for the bravery and dedication of our military members, and at Barbour Hendrick Honda, we want to show our appreciation. Vehicles are our business, and we aim to do what we do best to thank our service members. That’s why we invite members... [read more]