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Experience the Redesigned 2017 Honda Accord Sport

2017 Honda Accord Sport Greenville
Visit your local Greenville Honda dealership to check out the latest version of the Honda Accord, including the redesigned Sport trim. For the 2017 model year, Honda is offering an Accord Sport Special Edition that sits right above the Sport for those who want even more than this well-packed trim... [read more]

Comfort and Safety in the New 2017 Honda Odyssey

2017 Honda Odyssey Greenville
The Honda Odyssey is known for fitting the entire family in comfort and keeping them safe while doing so. If you are getting excited for the next model year of this vehicle, then you will be interested to know what information for the 2017 Honda Odyssey is available. Expect Some Changes Honda... [read more]

Choosing Between the 2017 Honda Ridgeline RT, RTS, and Sport Trim

2017 Honda Ridgeline Greenville
05Once you have decided to start driving the new Honda Ridgeline around Greenville, North Carolina, you will need to figure out which trim level is right for you. You can choose from seven trim levels, with the RT, RTS, and Sport being the bottom three. There is also the choice... [read more]

What’s the Best Name For Your Honda?

Name Tag
One of the most exciting parts about purchasing a new car - besides all of the great new features and utility options that Honda can provide for you - is taking it home, getting to know it, and giving it a name. The name of your cars stick with them... [read more]