Electrical Issues Your Honda Dealer Should Fix

Alternator under the hood of a modern car. Car electrical equipment.

You never want to run into car issues, but sometimes, life can throw you a curve ball and you find yourself in need of auto service. While some routine auto repairs can certainly be done in your driveway, such as an oil change or refilling your fluid levels, other repairs are best left in the hands of experts. This is especially true of electrical issues. For Honda owners, you depend on your vehicle’s dependability, but even Hondas can experience electrical issues. When this happens, it is best to bring your Honda to Barbour Hendrick Honda. Not sure what electrical issues need to be addressed by experienced hands? Check out this list from Synchrony to determine if you need to schedule service with our Greenville service center today.

Malfunctioning Alternator

A very common electrical issue that drivers may face is a malfunctioning alternator. The role of the alternator is to charge the battery as well as output power to the electrical system. Over time it can simply start to act up. When an alternator is malfunctioning, you may notice a couple of symptoms that include the power warning light turning on, dim headlights, a burnt rubber smell, and trouble getting your vehicle to start up. If you notice any of these issues, then you should schedule service. It is also a good rule of thumb to not overload the electrical system with stereo or lighting upgrades as these can affect your alternator.

Faulty Starter Motor

When you turn the key to turn your car on, it is the starter motor that turns the engine over. If you have faulty wiring or even dust and dirt contaminate this element, then you may experience a faulty starter motor. This can sound like a clicking sound when you turn the key, yet the engine won’t even turn over. To prevent a faulty starter motor, you should keep your batter in pristine condition by making sure it doesn’t corrode.

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Bad Fuse Box

Your car has an intricate electrical system that needs to be protected from overloads and power surges. This is taken care of by the fuse box. If you have a bad fuse box, however, you may discover that particular circuit is not working. This could be anything from the radio or headlights to a dead battery. You may notice that you have a malfunctioning fuse box if you have fuses that constantly fail, there are loose fuses, you see bare or broken wires, or there are water stains on the fuse box. If you notice any issues with your fuse box or any other electrical issue, come talk to one of the trusted mechanics at Barbour Hendrick Honda.

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