Connect Your Honda To Alexa With HondaLink®


“Hey, Alexa!” It is a phrase you may have heard over and over in your home. Amazon’s virtual assistant technology, also known as Alexa, has assisted people in turning on their favorite playlists and answering questions like, “How many tablespoons is 2/3 cup of butter?” while you are baking. Alexa is so convenient to have in your household that you may wish you had access to it in your car. If you are a Honda owner, then you are in luck! With the aid of the HondaLink® app, you can connect your Honda to Alexa. Simply follow these instructions as laid out by MyGarage.

Check Compatibility

Before you begin the process of making sure that you have HondaLink® downloaded, you need to check that your vehicle is compatible with this service. There are many Honda year models that offer this feature. These models include:

  • 2023 and newer Accord
  • 2023 and newer Civic Type R
  • 2023 and newer CR-V Sport Touring Hybrid
  • 2019 and newer Insight Touring
  • 2019 and newer Passport Touring/Elite
  • 2019 and newer Pilot Touring/Elite/Black Edition
  • 2018 and newer Odyssey Touring/Elite
  • 2018 – 2022 Accord Touring

Download HondaLink®

If you have a Honda model that is compatible, you will then want to make sure you have a HondaLink® account. For those unfamiliar or new to HondaLink®, it is an app that connects your Honda to your smartphone. With this app you can access several features from your vehicle via your smartphone. According to MyGarage, you also need to make sure that your HondaLink® account has an an active Remote Package. While you can use the package with a complimentary trial, you will most likely want to opt for the subscription.

Link Your Account to Alexa

With the HondaLink® with the Remote Package on your phone, you will then need to link your HondaLink® account to Amazon Alexa using the instructions listed on the Alexa Skill download page. This goes without saying, but you will need to have an Amazon Alexa in your home in order for this to work. Once your account is linked, you will be able to give commands to your Honda model using Alexa.

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Commands for Your Vehicle

With Alexa, you can give several instructions to your vehicle, like starting your engine, unlocking the doors, or sending an address to the car before you start on your journey. You can also use Alexa with your HondaLink® account to check the health of your car by asking Alexa how much fuel do you have left, how the oil life of your vehicle, and whether or not you are due to schedule maintenance on your vehicle.

By connecting your Honda to Alexa with HondaLink®, your driving experience just became more convenient as you perform everyday tasks in your car without you ever having to take your hands off the wheel.

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