Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Car Lover

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The holiday season is just around the corner. There is no time to waste when it comes to figuring out what to give your loved ones. This can be a particular challenge if you have a family member who has a specific passion or hobby like cars. They seem to have all the tools and knick-knacks, so how can you find a gift that acknowledges their love of cars but is unique from what they already own? Car and Driver offers an extensive list of gift ideas for your favorite car lover, and the team at Barbour Hendrick Honda has taken the time to point out a few of our favorites.

Car Wash Kit

It may not be a glamorous gift, but your car enthusiast will love a car wash kit. You may think to yourself that they probably already have the stuff they need to clean their car, but car cleaning products run out and car cleaning tools can become old or dull. A car lover can never run out of car washing equipment, and your loved one will greatly appreciate this Relentless Drive 20-Piece Car Wash Kit.

Lego Set

Every car lover has their dream car, but some dream cars may be harder to attain than others. While you may not be able to buy your loved one a Chevrolet Camaro Z28 or Ferrari Daytona SP3, you can offer them a sweet gesture of gifting them a LEGO Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 and LEGO Chevrolet Camaro Z28. These LEGO sets are especially good for car lovers who also enjoy building and putting things together.

Forza Motorsport

If your car enthusiast is also a gamer, they may enjoy a gift that brings the two together, such as a racing game. Forza Motorsport is a particularly popular game. In the game, you can race over 500 real-world cars. The technology on the game is quite superb with amazing visuals of fan-favorite locales that appear photorealistic in the game.

Govee Interior LED Lights

Car lovers enjoy building their vehicle as well as accessorizing it with the latest technology and features. These Govee Interior LED Lights are a great way to personalize the interior cabin of your loved one’s vehicle. With over 16 million color options, they can alter the settings to fit their temperament.

Driving Shoes

Your loved one may not be a Frasier Crane or Niles Crane with metropolitan tastes, but these Piloti Avenue driving shoes are quite stylish. Your car enthusiast most likely will not own a pair and will greatly appreciate this novel gift that they probably would not buy for themselves. If your loved one is an avid racer or loves to take long drives often, then this is a great gift. By their design, driving shoes assist in giving drivers more control and grip as they drive. They are also very comfortable, which can be great for those long road trips or commutes.

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Enjoy the Gift of Giving

As you can see, there are several gift ideas to consider when shopper for your favorite car enthusiast. Whether your loved one is into racing or simply keeping their vehicle looking amazing, you are certain to find a gift for them this season using this extensive list. So go ahead and enjoy the gift of giving this holiday season, knowing that you gave your favorite car lover a present they will truly enjoy.




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