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The 10 Convincing Reasons to Purchase the 2015 Honda Civic

2015 Honda Civic
We know what you’re thinking. Why should I buy a Civic? Let us at Barbour Hendrick Honda tell you why. As one of the top selling Honda models, there are a number of reasons to buy the 2015 Honda Civic Sedan, including: Civic Technological Advancements Honda keeps its 2015 Civic design abreast... [read more]

2016 Honda Pilot: Quiet, Affordable and Fuel-Efficient

2016 Honda Pilot
Honda traditionally embodies efficiency in design. But the typical consumer doesn’t always appreciate such modesty, tending to always want more. Redesigned for 2016, the new Honda Pilot aims to please, providing more in almost every conceivable way. Pilot Fuel Efficiency The 2016 Honda Pilot' increased its size and strengthened its structure, aiming for a... [read more]

2015 Honda Accord: Reliable, Roomy and Great on Gas

2015 Honda Accord
What makes a Honda a Honda? And what makes an Accord an Accord? It is proven reliability, superior cabin space, and great gas mileage. Read on to find out more about why the 2015 Honda Accord is right for you.  Proven Accord Reliability Very few vehicles can match the overall reliability of a... [read more]

The 2016 Honda Civic “Best Buy of 2016” According to Kelley Blue Book

2016 Honda Civic Greenville
The 2016 Honda Civic has been redesigned inside and out including updated safety features, improved engine choices, and the latest technology features. Making it the Overall Winner of the Kelley Blue Book’s “Best Buys of 2016”. Many factors were considered in the decision to name the 2016 Civic as the... [read more]

10 Good Reasons to Drive a 2015 Honda CR-Z

2015 Honda CR-Z Greenville
The Honda CR-Z has quite a buzz surrounding it. What’s so great about it? Although there are many more than ten, here are ten good reasons to buy one today. 2015 Honda CR-Z: Good on Gas Prospective buyers will love the CR-Z’s superb gas mileage. When equipped with the CVT, the CR-Z... [read more]