Which Honda Vehicles Provide All-Wheel Drive?

Honda Vehicle with AWD

When shopping for a new car, people look at the spacious cabin and amenities like a backup camera, heated seats, or the infotainment system, but there is one feature that should not be overlooked. That is the drivetrain. Four drivetrain options are available: all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive. Each has its strengths, but the focus here will be on all-wheel drive. This option certainly is not for everyone, but for Greenville, North Carolina residents, it is a choice certainly worth considering. The team at Barbour Hendrick Honda has worked at length to discuss why all-wheel drive may be right for those living in Greenville as well as which Honda vehicles provide all-wheel drive.

Why Go with AWD

Points to consider when buying all-wheel drive are the weather, climate, and terrain of where you live as well as the activities you do with your vehicle. In Greenville, North Carolina, the area experiences all four seasons, which means the city receives cold weather conditions like ice and snow during the winter. Greenville, North Carolina can also be exposed to the effects of hurricane season comprising of heavy rainfall and flooding. Driving a Honda with an all-wheel drive can give you peace of mind no matter what season you may be in while living in Greenville.

All-wheel drive is also great if you enjoy venturing off-road as this drivetrain offers steadiness and excellent traction in rough road conditions.

Honda Vehicles Provide All-Wheel Drive

If you believe owning a vehicle with all-wheel drive is right for you, then you will want to look at the Honda models that provide this powerful performing drivetrain. Your model options include:

  • HR-V: Honda provides drivers with a special Real-Time AWD with Intelligent Control System™. This drivetrain and system utilize sensors that detect when torque needs to be sent to the rear wheels. You can experience this excellent driving performance in the subcompact SUV Honda HR-V.
  • CR-V: While many opt for the Honda CR-V for its ideal compact SUV size, the CR-V is also can handle a range of road conditions, thanks to its all-wheel drive drivetrain.
  • Passport: When you need to move up the SUV ladder, the Honda Passport is a great option as it handles low-friction surfaces such as sand, mud, and ice, thanks to its higher ground clearance and all-wheel drive system.
  • Pilot: Unlike the four-wheel drive system that outputs power to all four wheels at the same time, Honda offers AWD systems that sensor when to deliver power to the rear wheels. This aids in better fuel efficiency and handling, which is great when driving a bigger vehicle like the Honda Pilot.
  • Ridgeline: In a pickup truck, you want the ability to handle tough terrain, and you can in the Honda Ridgeline which offers drivers i-VTM4® AWD and can tow up to 5,000 pounds.

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Find Your AWD Honda Vehicle at Barbour Hendrick Honda

If you feel like an all-wheel drive vehicle is a must-have feature and live in Greenville, North Carolina, Barbour Hendrick Honda has an excellent selection of CR-Vs, Passports, and Pilots with all-wheel drive. Come shop the inventory at our Greenville dealership. You are certain to find the all-wheel-drive vehicle that is right for you here at Barbour Hendrick Honda.

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