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What To Expect During Your Honda’s Annual Inspection

technician performing annual inspection on car
Honda has an incredible lineup of vehicles. While Honda models are exceptionally made, it is still necessary to perform routine car maintenance on your Honda vehicle annually. If you are a new Honda car owner, you may not be familiar with an annual Honda inspection. offers some insight on... [read more]

Winter Prep Checklist

mechanics fixing a car
Summer temperatures are cooling down, and fall is creeping closer. And after the wear and tear of summer driving, it’s a great time to check over your car. Summer weather can cause minor issues for your car, and fall and winter bring their own potential problems. Use this winter prep... [read more]

Car Maintenance Is Easy With This Helpful Guide

Man works under the hood of a car
Although major car problems are common, there’s an easy way to avoid them. Many times, drivers don’t have basic maintenance done on their vehicles. This is what keeps cars running and safe to drive. One benefit of proper maintenance is that you’ll get more life out of your vehicle. Another... [read more]

The Most Common New Car Problems

A man repairs his new car
According to owners in communities and forums across the web, there are a few common problems that may arise within the first few years of owning a newer model car. Although, if you're looking to purchase a new vehicle you shouldn't let that deter you. We're here to give you... [read more]

How To Protect Your Car Paint

High-pressure washing car outdoors.
If you keep your car’s paint in pristine condition, your vehicle will look like new, even if it’s several years old. On the other hand, chipped and faded car paint will make your car look much older than it is. Let’s go over some tips you can follow to protect... [read more]

Take Care Of Your Ride At 100K Miles With These Tips

Mechanic changing broken car spark plugs.
Today’s vehicles are designed to last. Now, it’s not unusual to reach the 100,000-mile mark and keep going. However, you do need to handle some maintenance tasks when you hit 100,000 miles. Let’s go over some car care tips that will help you keep your car road-ready. Drain, Flush, and Refill... [read more]

Give Your Car A Break – Check Your Brakes

Mechanic replacing car brake pads.
Technology has never been more present than it is today in the automotive industry. Vehicle manufacturers have always championed technological advances and continue to look for ways to use technology to upgrade convenience, comfort, and most importantly safety. Every year cars are built to provide more luxury and more ways... [read more]

Why You Should Change Your Oil Regularly

Mechanic demonstrating an oil change.
Everyone hates it when the check engine light comes on. It’s never good, but fortunately more times than not it’s your car letting you know that the oil needs to be replaced. Granted, no one likes to spend time or money on their vehicle’s upkeep, the alternative could be far... [read more]