How Virtual Reality Is Propelling Honda Vehicles Into The Future

The Covid-19 pandemic made everything harder — whether it was quarantining, virtual school, or working from home — but engineers from Honda met the challenge, embracing the virtual world to create the vehicles that will power Honda’s future.

Meeting an Unprecedented Challenge

Pandemic travel restrictions threatened the ability of Honda designers to work together with engineers on the design of the all-new Prologue. The styling team in the Honda Design Studio in Los Angeles leading Prologue’s design accelerated the use of virtual reality programming to bring Honda’s global design and development teams together. By embracing virtual reality concepts and using computer aided design, Honda’s global design teams were able to receive immediate feedback and apply refinements to the clay modeling, color, material and finishes to the Prologue. As a result, Prologue design development not only remained on track, the real-time global collaboration advanced the team’s capabilities and the role of VR design moving forward.

Embracing the New

The Honda Prologue is an all-electric vehicle set to debut in the 2024 model year. The Prologue expands what has been possible so far with Honda’s electrified vehicles and takes a huge step forward in providing versatility and driving range on par with Honda’s current lineup of SUVs, the Prologue navigates both daily commutes in the city and weekend getaways on the highway with equal aplomb.

The Prologue won’t be the only fully electrified vehicle for 2024 for Honda, however. The Pilot — one of Honda’s most successful nameplates — will also debut an EV version as well. And just like with the Prologue, engineers and designers worked together via virtual reality to communicate better and put the best version of the Pilot EV into production for the 2024 model year.

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Looking Ahead

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