Keep Your Car Going With Genuine Honda Parts

genuine parts

If you’ve ever taken your vehicle into a body shop or auto parts store, you may have been asked if you want OEM, aftermarket, or genuine parts. While it may not seem like a big deal, there can be a significant difference when you use genuine Honda parts.

What Are Genuine Parts?

A genuine part is a part that was installed in your vehicle when it was first manufactured. These factory-authorized parts and accessories are the highest quality you can purchase, and if you take pride in their vehicles. Genuine parts are specifically designed for your vehicle, which can’t always be said of OEM or aftermarket parts.

Why Buy Genuine Parts?

As we’ve mentioned, genuine parts are designed specifically for your vehicle, so you’ll get the best performance from these parts. Additionally, when you purchase genuine parts at Barbour Hendrick Honda, you’ll enjoy extra peace of mind with a 100% quality assurance and extended warranty on all parts and accessories. Genuine parts usually don’t come with extended warranties, further adding to the compelling case for genuine parts.

You’ll also want to consider overall safety when you need new parts for your vehicle. Genuine parts are safer because they’re designed specifically for your vehicle, while aftermarket parts are often designed to fit a number of vehicles. These parts may not function with the rest of your car as well as you’d like, and could cause serious damage if something were to go wrong.

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Find Honda Genuine Parts At Barbour Hendrick Honda

At Barbour Hendrick Honda, we strive to be the top Honda destination throughout the Greenville, New Bern, Wilson, and Rocky, NC area. When your Honda vehicle is in need of replacement parts, or you’re looking to customize your vehicle with accessories, head straight to us for the highest-quality genuine Honda parts. We’ll help you track down exactly what you need to keep your vehicle running at its best with genuine Honda parts, and our expert technicians can install them, too, so you know you’re getting quality repairs from start to finish.

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