Travel Safely This Season

Travel Safely This Season

Are you planning the ultimate summer road trip? Deciding on your destination is step one. Getting your car ready is step two. That might sound like a lot of hard work, but it is easier than you think. Just follow these tips to prepare your car for road trips this season.

Check the Tires

Your tires play a big part in getting you to your destination safely. If one is out of commission, then you are not going anywhere. It is important that you check them over before heading out. First, use a quarter to check each tire’s tread. Hold a quarter face down and slide it between the tread. You are good to go as long as the top of Washington’s head is hidden between the tread. However, if you can see the top of his head, get new tires before leaving on a road trip.

If the tread is good to go, then the next thing to check is the tire pressure. First, flip through the owner’s manual to find the recommended pressure. Then use a tire gauge to find out how much air your tires have. Use the gauge on each tire. Be certain to add or remove air as needed.

Check the Fluids, Belts, & Hoses

Next, check the car’s fluids, belts, and hoses. Start with the fluids, topping them off if necessary. Don’t forget about the windshield washer fluid when doing this. Then inspect all the belts and hoses, ensuring they’re in good working condition. If you notice any leaks or cracks, replace the belt or hose before hitting the road.

Change Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades are cheap and easy to change yourself. Because of that, it’s a good idea to knock this task out before going on a road trip. That way, you won’t have to worry about poor visibility if you drive in the rain.

Check the Brakes

Take a short drive, braking as often as possible. While braking, check for strange noises and vibrations. Also, make sure the brakes don’t feel soft. You could have a leak or need new brakes. If you notice any issues, take your car to a mechanic for a thorough inspection.

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Stock Up Emergency Kit

Never take a road trip without a fully stocked emergency kit. It should have tools, jumper cables, a flashlight, and reflectors. Also, non-perishable food and water are important to pack in your emergency kit. It is also good to always have a blanket or jacket on hand. Finally, include first aid supplies in case anyone gets injured.

Do you need some help getting your car road ready? Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville in Greenville, North Carolina, is here to help. You can schedule a service online or give us a call. Then the team will get your car ready for your next adventure.

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