Summer Vehicle Accessories Dad Will Love

Summer Vehicle Accessories Dad Will Love

Are you still trying to figure out what to get your dad for Father’s Day? How about some summer vehicle accessories? Get the scoop on some summer vehicle accessories that will keep your dad cool and comfy this season.

Car Umbrella

Does your dad park his car outside in the elements at home? If so, consider getting him a car umbrella to protect his vehicle. An umbrella with UV protection will protect the car’s paint from the sun. Also, the umbrella will keep the vehicle nice and cool for your dad.

Cooling Cushions

If your dad does a lot of driving, he probably gets pretty toasty. The heat from the seat can make him sweat during trips, and he might even get burned when sliding behind the wheel. You can make his Father’s Day extra special by picking up some cooling cushions for his car.

Solar Fans

Getting into a parked car during the summer can get dicey. You never know when the vinyl will burn your skin, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your dad can park wherever he wants without fear as long as he has solar fans. These fans blow cool air when the car is parked, so he won’t have to spend any time cooling off the car when he gets back into it.

Sunshade or Windshield Cover

You can make the solar fan even more powerful by pairing it with a sunshade or windshield cover. This accessory will prevent the sun’s rays from making it into the car’s interior, so it won’t feel hot and stuffy when your dad returns to the vehicle. Just ensure you get one designed for your father’s car, so it’ll fit properly.

Steering Wheel Cover

Your dad will love the look and feel of a steering wheel cover. First, it’ll remain cool, so your dad won’t burn his hands on the hot steering wheel. And second, these covers made the steering wheel easier to grip. Your dad will feel like a race car driver with the insanely good grip these covers provide.

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Car Refrigerator

It’s hard to cool off when all the drinks are hot. You can solve this problem for good by getting your dad a car refrigerator. Your dad can stock it for regular commutes and road trips. In both cases, he’ll love popping open a cold soda or bottle of water when on the road.

Does your dad need a cool car for those accessories? Head over to go vehicle shopping with your dad. You can enjoy bonding time at Barbour-Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina. He’ll love your input and enjoy the quality time.

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