Tips To Keep Your Pilot Running Smoothly

Honda Pilot

For Greenville residents who own a Honda Pilot, you probably enjoy spending time outdoors in your vehicle as well as traveling on the open road for long weekends. These excursions and miles spent on the highway lead to wear and tear on your SUV. Thankfully, Endurance provides tips to keep your Pilot running smoothly for years.

Drive with Care

To keep your Honda Pilot running at its best you have to care for the heart of your SUV, which is the engine. While it is apparent that you have to schedule regular maintenance for your engine, it is also important how you drive your Honda Pilot day to day. Take care to drive conservatively by not driving aggressively or over-revving your engine.

Take Care of Your Vehicle’s Driveline

As you may gather from its name, the transmission transmits power from the engine to the wheels. The drivetrain of a vehicle also shares a special relationship with the engine and wheels by connecting the two and allowing your vehicle to move. Clearly, you want to take care of the parts that enable the wheels to move your SUV. For your Honda Pilot, it is essential to service your transmission by adhering to recommended service intervals for changing your transmission fluid and filter.

The drivetrain of your Honda Pilot will either be front-wheel or all-wheel, meaning it is equipped with CV axles. Take care of your driveline by having your CV axles inspected regularly.

Ensure a Smooth Ride

You probably chose your Pilot because you enjoy hitting the trails now and then. That is bound to cause wear on your tires. Ensure your Honda SUV is well-protected by regularly inspecting, maintaining proper air pressure, and rotating tires for even wear. Be sure to know whether your Pilot is front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive as that will determine the correct direction for your tire rotation.

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Protect Your Cabin

While everyone focuses on caring about the features under the hood or the tires, it is also important to care for the cabin. Not only does keeping your cabin in excellent shape help with its resale value, but it also offers you a pleasant environment to ride in for the drive. Protect your cabin of your Pilot by regularly vacuuming out and cleaning the inside of your cabin by removing dirt and stains.

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