Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For The Winter

Driving car in winter time

Greenville might not get very much snow, but the temperature drops quite a bit during winter. Unfortunately, the drop in temperature and possible inclement weather can wreak havoc on your car.  Fortunately, you can make sure your vehicle is ready to power through the season with these tips.

Check Under the Hood

It’s a good idea to find out what’s going on under the hood before winter arrives. Start by checking your fluids, and then conduct a visual inspection of the hoses. If you notice any cracks, take your car to a mechanic.

You also need to make sure the battery is in good working order. If you don’t have a battery tester, you can take it to an automotive store for testing. Be sure to replace it if it’s near the end of its lifespan.

You can also take your car for a full tune-up before the season starts. Then a mechanic can give it a once over and take care of any necessary tasks.

Check the Tire Pressure

Did you know that the air in your tires condenses when the temperature drops? Thus, it’s a good idea to check the air pressure now and add air if needed. Also, continue to check the air pressure as you move through winter.

Change the Windshield Wipers If Needed

Next, test your windshield wipers to make sure they’re working as they should. If you notice any streaks or missed spots, you need to replace them. You can complete this task in a few minutes.

Clean the Headlights

You want to make sure you have good visibility during winter, so clean your headlights. Also, if you have any burned-out lights, replace them so you’ll be ready for the road.

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Put an Emergency Kit in Your Car

Hopefully, you won’t encounter any problems this winter. However, it’s a good idea to be prepared just in case. Thus, create a winter emergency kit with a blanket, boots, gloves, and a shovel. Also, include some sand in case you need to get traction on a slippery surface.

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