Don’t Leave These Items In Your Car

It is no secret that the interior of a parked car heats up fast when it is hot outside. For instance, it can go from comfortable to hundred and nine degrees in a mere ten minutes when it is ninety degrees outside. With that in mind, check out some items you shouldn’t leave in a parked car.


Do you ever run by the pharmacy to pick up medication, only to forget it in the vehicle? The heat can alter the medicine’s compounds, so it might not work as it should. If you forget over-the-counter or prescription medicine in the car, speak to your pharmacist or physician.


It is a good idea to bring sunscreen with you so you can apply it when needed. However, carry it on your person instead of leaving it in a hot car. Sunscreen loses its effectiveness when exposed to intense temperatures, so it will not provide the protection you need.

Food & Candy

Make sure to remove any food from your car before parking. Some items, such as chocolate, will melt in the heat. Then other foods will spoil if you do not pop them in the refrigerator. If you forget food in your car, throw it out and replace it.

Ink Pens

Leaving ink pens in a hot car is a recipe for disaster. Pens can explode, causing the ink to cover your vehicle. Then you will have to get it detailed to get the ink out. And even with professional detailing, your car might never look the same again.


You could end up with a similar problem if you leave your kids’ crayons behind in your car. Excess heat can cause crayons to melt, so you will be stuck trying to get them out of your seats or floor mats. Now, you might think that the crayons will be safe if you leave them in a container, but that is not the case, either. They might not mess up your car’s interior, but you will still have to deal with a melted mess with crayons stuck together.

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Excess heat can damage your expensive electronics, so bring them inside when you park your car. Additionally, the batteries could explode inside your vehicle. You certainly do not want to open the car door to find your laptop battery oozing out over the seats. Do yourself a favor and bring your electronics inside with you.

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