Doing Things The Honda Way

Honda Prologue

Everyone has heard tales about the stereotypical sleazy car salesman. It can make any car shopper apprehensive to enter a car dealership to find a new vehicle. Our team at Barbour Hendrick Honda understands that buying a new vehicle is a big undertaking in and of itself. You do not need to have extra worries about the one who is selling to you. That is why our dealership strongly enacts the Honda philosophy in everything we do. Are you unfamiliar with the Honda experience? Keep reading to see how we do things the Honda way.

Respect for the Individual

While Honda is a brand recognized around the world, the Japanese manufacturer aims to focus on the individual. “Respect for the Individual” is an attitude that Honda holds. It revolves around the trinitarian views of Initiative, Equality, and Trust. Our Greenville sales team works hard to take the initiative to find the right vehicle for our customers. No matter who walks into our showroom, we want to treat everyone equally by providing our customers with a strong level of customer service that is trustworthy.

An Ode to the Three Joys

The poet Friedrich Schiller may have written the poem, “Ode to Joy,” and Beethoven may have even been inspired by the poem to create his Symphony No. 9, but Honda understands how big joy can be that the manufacturer focuses on “The Three Joys” – the Joy of Buying, the Joy of Selling, and the Joy of Creating. At Barbour Hendrick Honda, our sales team aims to bring you the joy of buying a new or pre-owned Honda as our sales representatives find joy in selling you a vehicle that is right for you. Our team knows it will not be difficult to find your dream Honda as we know the joy of creating that goes into creating every Honda model design.

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Experience the Honda Philosophy at Barbour Hendrick Honda

When you are ready to enjoy a whole new vehicle shopping experience, visit Barbour Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina. Our team will work tirelessly to offer you the complete Honda experience where we respect your individuality and provide you with a joyful shopping experience.

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