Preparing Your Vehicle For A Trade-In

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Now is a great time to think about trading in your current vehicle if it is not running as well as it used to. The trade-in process is relatively simple, allows you to upgrade to a vehicle you really want, and lowers monthly payments on your new car. So, if trading in sounds like the right option for you, you will want to make sure your current car looks as best as it can to get the best deal possible. offers some helpful tips on preparing your vehicle for a trade-in.

Clean Your Vehicle

It is important to clean your vehicle before bringing it to a dealership to trade it in. Along with giving your car an extensive wash from the headlights to the tires, be sure to also vacuum and Armor All the cabin. You may want to take the extra step of even giving your car a fresh coat of wax. On top of cleaning your vehicle thoroughly, grab any personal items in your car. Everyone knows that over time, your vehicle becomes a separate storage unit for CDs, mints, emergency umbrellas, jumper cables, and that frisbee you keep in the trunk for when you hit the park with your friends. Take time to look through all the pockets and storage spaces to ensure you remove all personal items from your vehicle before you trade it in.

Fix Minor Issues

Before trading in your car, see if any small issues can be fixed. Features to pay attention to are the car lights and fluid levels. If you notice any minor dings or dents, see if you can address them yourself. For those trading in an older model, there may be more wear and tear as well as some mechanical issues. Ideally, you want to fix what you can to get a better deal on your trade-in, however, you also have to bear in mind that some repairs may cost you more than if the dealer fixed the repairs themselves. In that instance, it is still a good idea to inspect your vehicle, so you can be upfront with the dealer about any issues your current car may have.

Collect Important Documents

Prior to arriving at the dealership with your current vehicle, collect all important documents such as the car’s title, service records, registration, etc. Also, if your vehicle is equipped with a navigation system, you will need to make sure you have the DVD or SD card that comes with it. Another item a dealer may want is any extra keys your vehicle may have.

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