What Makes Greenville, NC the best Greenville in the U.S.?

Greenville North Carolina
Did you know that Greenville is one of the post popular city names in the United States? With 31 cities named Greenville across the country, there are only three other city names that represent more cities than Greenville. This may get you to wondering what makes Greenville, NC the best... [read more]

The 5 Best Places for Ice Cream in Greenville, North Carolina

The 5 Best Places for Ice Cream in Greenville, North Carolina
Greenville has a lot of great places to eat, but after your meal, it is nice to have some dessert. They answer that too with wonderful creameries that are sure to satisfy. Everyone loves ice cream, but everyone knows that it takes a high-quality creamery to make the most delicious... [read more]

People Who Miss PirateFest are Forced to Walk the Plank!

PirateFest 2017 Greenville
Everyone who misses PirateFest should have to walk the plank because they are missing out on the best event of the year in Greenville. This is something that you have to bring your kids to because it is a place where they can live out their pirate fantasies that are out... [read more]

Which Hondas Seat the Whole Family?

Asking which Hondas seat the whole family is a tricky question, as families vary in size. That said, nearly every single Honda will have seating for five passengers, making them spacious enough for the average family with two or three kids. However, if you need an extra row of seats... [read more]

Debunking Myths about Your Honda’s Maintenance

Caring for your Honda is crucial if you want it to last several hundred miles or over a decade. A well-maintained Honda will protect your investment and last for years to come. However, skipping regular maintenance can dramatically reduce its lifespan. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths that may get... [read more]

How Much Space Does the 2017 Civic Hatchback Have?

2017 Civic Hatchback
Drivers and industry experts were excited about the 2017 Civic Hatchback. This is because it signaled the return of this more spacious body style to one of the most popular Honda sedan and coupe models. The Civic Hatchback will obviously give you more cargo space as well as passenger space... [read more]

Say Goodbye to 2016; A Year in Review

2016 a Year in Review Greenville
While the year 2016 has come and gone, it had its ups and downs just like any other year. Countries around the world went through historical political changes and millions mourned the loss of numerous musicians and other celebrities. 2016 was particularly historic when it came to sporting events. The... [read more]

Which Pilot Trim Is Right for Your Family?

2017 Honda Pilot
Figuring out which Honda Pilot you should buy for your family doesn’t need to be an overwhelming decision. Just take the time to think about which features you need. Then you will be on your way to owning the perfect family vehicle. 2017 Honda Pilot LX For Greenville families on a budget,... [read more]

How to Put Your Face on a Stamp

Make Your Own Stamp
When it comes to personalization, almost every object can be designed to fit your needs. Mugs, T-shirts, even stickers are available online, waiting for your pictures to cover their blank canvases. But what about stamps? Surely personalization isn't only confined to the contents of the package. Luckily, it isn't. But... [read more]

Why the 2017 Honda HR-V Is Perfect for City Driving

Stop searching for your next city-friendly vehicle and take the 2017 Honda HR-V for a test drive. This crossover SUV is nice and compact, making it easy to maneuver and find parking no matter where you go. It is also highly affordable and packed with great features that will make... [read more]