Give Your Car A Break – Check Your Brakes


When it comes to owning an automobile, there’s one thing you can’t play around with – your brakes. As far as your brakes are concerned, you can’t take maintenance for granted. If you find yourself in need of brake repair or maintenance, you mustn’t wait. Since your brakes are your primary form of safety when driving, it’s imperative to have them checked out at even at the slightest bit of trouble. So, to help you understand the importance of your brakes, we’ve taken a closer look below.

About Your Brakes

There are many ways to inspect your brakes to ensure there aren’t any issues. To begin with, you’ll need to listen to any unfamiliar sounds when your driving. As you’re traveling down the road and begin to step on the brakes, see if you can hear any screeching or grinding noises. If you do, this is a good indication that there could be a potential issue. You’ll also want to pay attention when you apply pressure to the brakes. If you apply pressure and you notice that your brakes are slow to respond, this is also a good indicator that you’ll need to have a trained professional take a look at your brakes for you. Luckily, our dealership has a top-quality service center you can take advantage of. Continue reading to learn more about our service center and all we have to offer.

Our Service Center

At Barbour Hendrick Honda, we offer a service center filled with trained professionals who have the knowledge and know-how to get your brakes in order. Quite frankly, we’ve seen it all. Whether you need a simple repair or new brakes, we’ve got you covered. We want your experience with us to be as stress-free and hassle-free as possible.  That’s why, to make the service and maintenance process easier for you, you can schedule a service appointment on our site. Come see us today!

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Where to Find Our Dealership

Barbour Hendrick Honda is located at 3300 S Memorial Dr., Greenville, NC 27834. If you live in the surrounding areas, you’re only a short drive away. Whether you need brake service, an oil change, a tire rotation, or other services, we’ll be there for you. We also offer a large inventory of new and pre-owned automobiles. In addition to this, we provide a wide array of deals and specials you can take advantage of. There’s only one catch – our special offers are only for a limited time. The prices you see on our website today could easily be gone tomorrow, so don’t hesitate to come see us. We even have service specials too! We look forward to seeing you soon and giving you the car service you desire!