Make Your Car Look New Again

Buying a car is a significant investment. And you’ll likely spend a lot of time in your vehicle. Knowing how to properly clean your car keeps it looking great and maintains its value. In fact, you can damage your vehicle while cleaning if you aren’t careful. Here are some easy tips for keeping your car clean and beautiful for years.

Not Just Any Soap

Many people grab dish soap when they wash their car at home. But dish soap can damage the paint over time. In fact, dish soap can remove oils from the car paint and damage it. Fortunately, you can find cleaners made for vehicle paint that help protect the car’s finish.

Clean Smart, Not Hard

It’s tempting to start your cleaning with a thorough vacuuming. Then, many move on to dusting the dash and upper surfaces. But this sends some of that dust and dirt back down to the areas you just vacuumed. Instead, work from the top down. Dust and wipe the dash and upper areas. Then, finish by vacuuming. Or, use a small vacuum to suck up the dust as you go from top to bottom.

Care for Your Leather

If you have leather upholstery, protect it with quick attention. In fact, marks and stains can become permanent within 24 hours. So if you don’t clean a spill or mark quickly, you may have to live with it. So keep a leather cleaning kit in the car. Then, you can tackle messes immediately and keep your leather looking lovely.

Deep Clean Upholstery and Carpets

Even if you’re careful, dirt and grime happen. Although you vacuum regularly, it’s also essential to deep clean. In fact, a carpet cleaning machine can get set-in dirt and some stains out of upholstery and carpet. In addition, a deep clean can also help keep bad smells at bay. You can buy a carpet cleaner for this task or rent one.

Paintbrush Pro

Louvered vents, small cracks, and other details look great in your car until the dust settles. Then, it can be frustrating trying to get all those tiny areas clean. However, you can solve this problem easily with a cheap paintbrush and a little furniture polish. Spray a little polish on the brush and use it to clean those small areas. After each area, wipe the brush with a cloth to prevent transferring the dust.

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Fresh From the Dealership

Enjoy that new car look, feel, and smell with these tips. And whether you want a new or pre-owned Honda, a fresh and clean car feels good. At Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville in Greenville, North Carolina, you can get into a spotless vehicle today. Stop by today to check out our huge selection of pristine Hondas.

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