How To Plan A Road Trip In Your Honda Pilot

Excited black family packing their car trunk for a trip to the beach. Happy single dad and playful kids loading their boot for a summer vacation. Time to travel and have fun on a road trip together

Summer is soon to begin, which means fun vacations full of adventures. Some of the most memorable trips are not the ones at all-inclusive resorts or five-star hotels. Often, the most memorable moments of going on holiday occur in the seats of a vehicle like the Honda Pilot.

Yes, we are talking about a good ol’ family road trip. They certainly are an excellent way of bonding with your family. If you want to make the best of planning a road trip in your Honda Pilot, then look at this advice that the team from Barbour Hendrick Honda has gathered from sources like MinneMama Adventures and Route to Retire.

Packing Appropriately

You have to pack for any trip, but packing can have a different meaning when going on a road trip. First, understand what you mean by road trip. Are you merely driving across states to view attractions but staying in hotels at night? Or are you planning on sleeping in your vehicle?

If you plan to sleep in your vehicle, you will need some extra gear for bedtime such as pillows, covers, and maybe even a mattress. Either way, it is important to pack only the essentials to allow you and your passengers room to ride comfortably. Thankfully, there is plenty of room in the back of the Honda Pilot for baggage.

If you are concerned that your cabin or cargo area will still be cluttered with gear, especially for those bunking down in their vehicle, you may consider bringing a trailer for your gear. The Pilot is up to the task with its superb towing capabilities that can pull a 24-foot camper or a side-by-side trailer.

Entertainment for the Road

Road trips are long. To avoid the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?”, you must bring plenty of entertainment for the road. While DVD players and electronic games are a great source of amusement, you may want to pull those out as a last resort. Before falling back on electronics, try bringing books, word search puzzles, crosswords, and window markers. You and your family can even play classic road trip games like 21 Questions, the Alphabet Game, and the License Plate Game.

Bring the Snacks

With hours spent on the open highway, you and your kids will get hungry or thirsty. It can be tough sometimes to find an exit with good food options or you may be somewhere on the highway where there is no exit for many miles. Plus, eating out can get expensive. It’s good, therefore, to pack snacks and drinks for the road.

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Plan Wisely

Ultimately, whether you are focused on the gear, the entertainment, the comfort of the cabin in the Pilot, or the snacks, it all comes down to planning wisely. Of course, you can’t plan for every event, so enjoy the journey as it comes. Whether organized or filled with flexibility and spontaneity, your road trip can be an adventure of a lifetime, especially when you find yourself in the spacious cabin of the Honda Pilot. If you are looking to own a Honda Pilot for your family, then shop the inventory at Barbour Hendrick Honda.

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