Stuck With A Flat Tire? Follow These Steps

Woman changing wheel after a car breakdown at the side of the road.

No matter how careful you are, you’ll likely get a flat tire at some point in your life. As frustrating as a flat tire is, you can change it and get back on the road quickly by following some tips. Find out how to change a flat tire so you’ll be ready if the need arises.

Step 1 – Find a Safe Parking Spot

Hopefully, you’ll be at home when you get a flat tire. However, if you are driving, put on your hazards immediately. Pull off to the side of the road if there is enough room or take the nearest exit. You want to get off the road quickly, but make sure you’re safe as well.

Step 2 – Gather the Items for Changing the Tire

You need three items to change a tire. Grab your lug wrench, jack, and spare tire to tackle the job.

Step 3 – Loosen the Lug Nuts

You don’t want to remove the lug nuts yet, but you do need to loosen them. You’ll need to put all of your strength into loosening them with the wrench since they tend to be very tight. Once you remove the first lug nut, you’ll have a better understanding of the strength needed. Then it’ll be easier to tackle the remaining lug nuts.

Step 4 – Use the Jack

Your owner’s manual will detail where you need to place the jack. Follow that and then jack up the car so it’s in the air. Then you’ll be able to remove and replace the tire.

Step 5 – Remove the Lug Nuts

Now, use your wrench again, only this time, fully remove the lug nuts. Make sure you keep them all in one place so you can put them back after changing the tire.

Step 6 – Put on the Spare Tire

Locate the holes on the rim of the spare tire. Then match those holes with the lug nut posts and slide the tire in place. Push it onto the wheelbase and secure it with lug nuts. Start by tightening the lug nuts by hand, and then use your wrench. The lug nuts should be snug when you finish.

Step 7 – Lower the Car

Use the jack to lower the car back to the ground. Once the car is on the ground, remove the jack so it’s not in your way.

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Step 8 – Tighten the Lug Nuts

Finally, you need to tighten the lug nuts fully. Use your wrench to tighten them as much as you can. Then you can put your wrench and jack away and get back on the road.

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