Drive Safely This Winter

man adjusting and cleaning wipers of car in snowy weatherIt’s common knowledge that driving in the winter can be dangerous due to factors such as snow and ice on the road. Getting your vehicle ready for winter road conditions is easy when you follow these recommendations from the pros at Bridgestone

What To Do:

  1. Check your battery – As the temperature drops, battery performance decreases, making it more challenging to start your car.
  2. Check your coolant – Antifreeze and coolant should be kept at a ratio of 50/50 and 70/30 to protect parts from corrosion and freezing. Ask our service technicians which antifreeze should be used and what coolant-to-water ratio is recommended for your vehicle.
  3. Inspect all belts, plugs, wires, hoses, and cables – They can crack at any time of year, but if they do break during the winter you run the risk of being stranded in the cold, snowy weather for hours. 
  4. Check tire pressure – Every 10° change in the temperature can result in a loss or gain of 1 PSI. Therefore, you should check your tires’ pressure more often during the winter and refill them as required.
  5. Winter wipers – These are rubberized wipers that do not collect ice on the blades. Just remember to take them off when the weather breaks. 
  6. Check wiper fluid – Replace your wiper fluid often. If you’re unsure whether your fluid is formulated for cold conditions, add alcohol-based washer fluid antifreeze to the reservoir.
  7. Prepare a winter safety kit – Ensure that you have a safety kit with a flashlight, pack of matches, first aid kit, flares, ice scraper, warm clothing, jumper cables, non-perishable food and beverages, shovel, and extra antifreeze. Store your kit in your vehicle before heading out on your next trip. It could come in handy in case of an emergency.

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Where To Go:

When you decide it’s time your vehicle needs a service, be sure to stop by the Barbour Hendrick Honda Greenville service department. We hope to see you soon!