Why You Should Change Your Oil Regularly

Mechanic demonstrating an oil change.Everyone hates it when the check engine light comes on. It’s never good, but fortunately more times than not it’s your car letting you know that the oil needs to be replaced. Granted, no one likes to spend time or money on their vehicle’s upkeep, the alternative could be far more costly and inconvenient than a morning at Barbour-Hendrick Honda’s service center. If your vehicle needs an oil change, don’t put it off! 

Why You Should Change Your Oil

Oil to your car’s engine is like blood to our bodies. It has numerous purposes and if it’s not taken care of properly it can cause problems that can be severely damaging or even fatal. Taking a look at what oil does for our vehicle also sheds light on what problems can arise if not changed regularly.

Oil serves as a lubricant for our vehicle’s engine. Engines are complex machines with individual parts operating and working together to achieve a common goal, creating power. Because they have so many moving parts that need to function in perfect sync and rhythm it’s easy for engines to cause self-inflicting damage. This is where oil’s lubricating quality factors into the equation. It serves as an aid to your engine’s components and helps prevent self-destruction.

However, that is far from the only thing it does. Oil also operates as a coolant for your vehicle’s engine. This is in addition to helping keep your engine clean. That’s right, oil, the thing that stains fingers, shirts, and driveways also acts as a cleaner.

 As the oil in your vehicle starts to fade, so do all of its many benefits. Overused oil can lead to serious issues in your engine. Problems in your engine can leave you stranded on the side of the road and potentially even needing to replace your engine or one of its many parts. That’s a costly proposition.

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Where to Get it Done

Luckily, changing your oil is a quick and cheap endeavor in comparison to repairing your engine. Our highly trained technicians at Barbour-Hendrick Honda can get you in and out in no time. Call ahead or set up an appointment online to get your vehicle taken care of. But before you do be sure to check out our oil change special going on now to see how much you can save!

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