What’s the Word on the 2018 Honda Civic Type R?

2018 Honda Civic Type R GreenvilleEveryone is getting ready for the 2018 Honda Civic Type R, even if they still have to wait a bit to get behind the wheel. The current Type R on the roads was launched just last year and is based on the current ninth-generation Civic. The 2018 Civic Type R will help show off just what Honda can do with the Civic, along with the upcoming hatchback that will make a return.

Less Aggressive

We know that the 2018 Honda Civic Type R will be less aggressive than its predecessors have been. This toned-down vibe will help it appeal to more Greenville drivers, and there will be a discreet spoiler instead of the huge roof-mounted wing on the current model. Inside, the cabin will still be sporty but have an upscale feel thanks to nicer materials. Insiders at Honda have let experts know that the new Type R will also have a heavy focus on technology.

Powerful Engine

Insider information also tells us what will run the 2018 Type R. We know that it should be a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that generates 340 horsepower along with 331 pound-feet of torque. To put those numbers in perspective, the current Civic Type R has a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder with 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet. The standard transmission for the 2018 Type R will be a 6-speed manual, and the vehicle will keep its front-wheel drive setup. To help keep the torque steer under control with the extra power, there will be a trick suspension setup.


The actual production model for the 2018 Type R should arrive next year at an auto show. In the meantime, this year’s Paris Auto Show gives us a preview in the form of a concept design that should be fairly accurate.

While waiting for the 2018 Honda Civic R-Type, consider taking the current model for a spin around Greenville, North Carolina. Visit Barbour Hendrick Honda to get behind the wheel.

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