What Do The Sounds Of My Brakes Mean?

Car Brakes Repair

Your brakes might not have vocal cords, but they can do a lot of talking. From squealing to screeching, each sound means something. Find out how to decode the messages, so you’ll know what the sounds of your brakes mean.

Grinding and Squealing in the Morning

Do your brakes make grinding or squealing noises in the morning that go away once you’re on the road for a bit? If so, this is likely due to moisture or rust building up on the rotors overnight. After you drive a short distance, the moisture and rust go away, so the sounds stop.

Squealing When Driving

Once you’re on the road for a while, your brakes should stop squealing. However, if the sound persists, it might be due to worn brake pads. This happens when the steel brake pad wear indicator comes into contact with the rotors. Since worn brake pads are ineffective, you should take your car to the mechanic soon.

What if you recently changed your pads? Instead of worn pads, you could have a build-up of brake dust. Fortunately, a mechanic can clean it for you, so your brakes will stop squealing.

Sudden Grinding Noises

Were you enjoying a peaceful drive when you suddenly heard a grinding sound? Something likely got trapped in the brakes. It could be as small as a pebble, but you need to have it removed. Your mechanic can inspect your brakes, find the culprit, and get your vehicle back in driving (and stopping) condition.

Rattles and Vibrations

Rattling and vibrations are a sign that your rotors are warped or worn. This prevents the brakes from making full contact with the rotors, causing sounds and vibrations. It’s a good idea to get this problem fixed before it impacts your car’s ability to stop.

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Noises and Performance Problems

Sometimes, noises appear by themselves. However, other times, you’ll also experience decreased braking power, referred to as brake fade. Your brake fluid might be overheating, or you could have the wrong pads and rotors for your car. Because it can be a serious problem, you should have your mechanic look it over.

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