Tackle Anything In A Honda

Honda grilleWhen it comes to shopping for your next new vehicle, you want one that can handle anything the road throws your way. Whether it is a car, truck, or SUV, your new vehicle has to be ready for everything. So, the next time you plan a road trip adventure, you can rest easy knowing that Honda can help get you there safely and dependably. From cold temperature testing to all-wheel-drive capabilities and intelligent traction management, the latest Honda models are built with the driver in mind.  

Cold Temperature Testing

Harsh winter conditions can spell havoc for your vehicle if it is not properly equipped. But never fear – thanks to cold temperature testing, snow, ice, slush, and rough winter road conditions are now no match for new Hondas. Tested on nearly two dozen driving courses, new Honda models are built to withstand even the harshest winters in the most remote of locations. With cold temperature testing starting at -40 degrees, you can trust that your Honda can take the cold.

Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive Systems

Honda’s all-wheel-drive system is here to help you tackle bad weather, rough terrain, and big jobs. All-wheel drive allows you to power through adverse conditions by using several different sensors and inputs. Available in two systems, the Real Time AWD and Intelligent Variable Torque Management, Honda’s all-wheel drive systems instantly send power to the rear wheels when met with rough road conditions.

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Intelligent Traction Management

No matter what hazards may lie in your path, the Intelligent Traction Management system keeps you protected through snow, mud, and sand. Snow mode prevents the wheels from slipping when your Honda accelerates from a stopped position. Snow mode also sets the automatic transmission to be in second gear for less pedal sensitivity. Mud mode helps you keep moving while delaying upshifts for increased torque. A sandy condition usually calls for minimal throttle delay, and that’s why Honda’s sand mode allows for more aggressive pedal tuning. Sand mode also increases wheel torque with a delayed upshift.

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