The 2016 Honda Civic “Best Buy of 2016” According to Kelley Blue Book

2016 Honda Civic Greenville
The 2016 Honda Civic has been redesigned inside and out including updated safety features, improved engine choices, and the latest technology features. Making it the Overall Winner of the Kelley Blue Book’s “Best Buys of 2016”. Many factors were considered in the decision to name the 2016 Civic as the... [read more]

10 Good Reasons to Drive a 2015 Honda CR-Z

2015 Honda CR-Z Greenville
The Honda CR-Z has quite a buzz surrounding it. What’s so great about it? Although there are many more than ten, here are ten good reasons to buy one today. 2015 Honda CR-Z: Good on Gas Prospective buyers will love the CR-Z’s superb gas mileage. When equipped with the CVT, the CR-Z... [read more]

2016 Honda Accord: Now In Greenville

2016 Honda Accord Greenville
For almost four decades, the Accord has set the standard for vehicles in the midsize sedan class, which is the most popular class for American car buyers. The Accord delivers class-leading interior space and great fuel efficiency, in addition to the best safety performance. This car as even been named... [read more]

New or Used Honda? How to make the right choice for you

2015 Honda Accord Greenville
  It is a struggle almost as old as the car industry itself. Do I buy a new Honda, or do I buy a used one? There are people who, without hesitation, will say to buy a new car; you know exactly how the car has been taken care of, new... [read more]

2015 Honda Accord Hybrid vs Ford Fusion Hybrid

2015 Honda Accord Hybrid Greenville
Engine Comparison The hybrid Accord uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a 124 kW electric motor that make a combined total of 196 hp. The Fusion also uses a four-cylinder engine and electric motors for a total system output of 188 hp. Honda's Superior Storage Ford... [read more]

What Honda Models have VTEC?

2015 Honda Civic VTEC Engine Greenville
Before we get started talking about which Honda models have VTEC systems, let us take a moment to discuss what VTEC is and why one would want it in their vehicle. VTEC for Your Honda At its simplest description, VTEC - or Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control - is a... [read more]

How to Check to see if your Honda Civic is affected by the Air Bag Recall

Airbag Recall
More than 30 million vehicles in the United States, made by 10 different automakers, have been recalled to replace frontal airbags on the driver’s side or passenger’s side (or both). The airbags, made by major parts supplier Takata, were mostly installed in cars from model year 2002 through 2008. Some... [read more]

What’s the Best Name For Your Honda?

Name Tag
One of the most exciting parts about purchasing a new car - besides all of the great new features and utility options that Honda can provide for you - is taking it home, getting to know it, and giving it a name. The name of your cars stick with them... [read more]

What’s Included In Honda’s Roadside Assistance Plan

Honda Roadside Assistance
Barbour Hendrick Honda takes its commitment to its customers very seriously. Once you own a Honda, you’re a part of the family - and family takes care of family. Honda’s Roadside Assistance plan is there for you when you need it, and it’s important to know all about the things... [read more]