Jumpstart Your Ride The Safe Way

Close Up of Jumper Cables in Use.

Your stress levels probably start to rise any time your car doesn’t start. It’s even worse if you have someplace you need to be, and you don’t know how to jumpstart a car. Avoid this problem by finding out how to jumpstart your ride safely. Then, you can give your battery a boost and be back on the road in no time at all. Most importantly, you won’t suffer any injuries in the process.

Equipment Needed

You need two pieces of equipment to jumpstart a car: a running vehicle and a set of jumper cables. If you don’t have jumper cables yet, buy a set of 4-6 gauge cables that are at least 20 feet long. If you have a set that doesn’t meet these qualifications, you can still use them. They might not be as easy to use or durable, but they can still do the trick.

Connecting the Jumper Cables

You will need to pull out your cables to jumpstart your battery. Handle them with care, preventing the black and red clamps from making contact. If the clamps make contact when they are hot, sparks might fly, and you could end up with a short in one or both of the vehicles.

Then, park the vehicle with the charged battery next to the car you need to jumpstart. Turn it off and pop the hood on both cars. Locate the batteries in the cars and remove the protective hoods. Then, you will have access to the battery posts.

You will see a positive and negative post on each battery. They are easily identified with a plus or minus sign. Make sure the posts are free of dirt and debris. Then, connect one of the jumper cable’s red clamps to the dead battery’s positive post. Connect the matching end of the same cable to the positive post on the charged battery.

Then, you’ll be ready to connect the black clamp to the charged battery’s negative terminal. Next, connect the other negative clamp to an unpainted engine bolt on the car that needs a charge. If that isn’t possible, connect it to a part of the car’s frame.

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Charge the Battery

Once the cables are attached, it will be time to charge your battery. Turn on the car with the charged battery first. Then, slide behind the wheel of the other vehicle and turn it on. Let your car run for a few minutes while you remove the cables. Remember, you do not want the clamps to touch. Then, get in your car and go to your destination. Do not turn it off until you arrive, so the battery will have ample time to charge.

If your car still doesn’t start after the jumpstart, you likely have another issue. You can get it fixed or upgrade your wheels at Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville in Greenville, North Carolina. You can then avoid expensive repairs and get a fresh start with a nice new ride.

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