Get Ready For The All-New Honda Prologue

Switching to an all-electric vehicle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice features. Not only that, but you can also drive an SUV that gives you more cargo room than a car. The new electrified Prologue SUV from Honda is a prime example. Find out what makes this electric vehicle unique by visiting Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville.

Breaking Away From the Pack

The Honda Prologue is the first full-electric SUV designed by Honda. Although it’s not ready for consumers yet, it’ll launch in 2024. Another thing, it’ll complement Honda’s lineup of light-duty trucks. That means it’s competitive alongside the Passport and CR-V.

But there are many extra great things about the new Prologue. For example, you’ll enjoy plenty of cabin space. As a result, passengers will feel comfortable. Also, it offers a generous amount of cargo room. Whether hauling groceries or sports equipment, the new Prologue will accommodate.

Additional Reasons to Buy the Upcoming Prologue

Although it features a simple cabin design, the exterior boasts a “Neo-Rugged” design. As a result, you’ll still drive around in comfort and have an SUV that can handle both surface streets and more challenging terrain.

The team working on the design of the new Honda Prologue wants to present drivers with a more modern yet fresh look. To do that, they include several features that you’ll appreciate. For instance, the Prologue has a panoramic roof. In addition, it’ll offer 21-inch wheels. There’s even a front fascia with an innovative design if you go with the EV model.

A Rugged Exterior With Appealing Aesthetics

The new Honda Prologue SUV will have an exterior color called North Shore Pearl. While in the design phase in California, the team came up with this for two reasons. First, it’s a natural color that looks amazing. Second, it’s reminiscent of the colors found around the Lake Tahoe area. As for the interior, you can choose either light gray or charcoal.

Honda’s goal was to create an all-electric SUV with clean lines inside and ruggedness on the outside. But that’s not all. It’ll also feature the H-mark badge. The automaker will place this on the rear part. With the full Honda brand name designed with a stylized typeface, it’ll capture attention wherever you go.

Even More to Get Excited About

In addition, the new Honda Prologue has a wheelbase of 121.8 inches. That makes it roughly eight inches longer than the 2023 Honda CR-V. But the wheelbase is also five inches wider. Along with more interior room, the wider wheelbase gives the Prologue an advantage on the road.

Moreover, this all-electric SUV will boast an 11.3-inch audio and connectivity display. It’ll also come standard with an 11-inch driver display panel that’s fully digital.

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A Great Choice for Any Driver

If you’re interested in an electric SUV, the Honda Prologue is a great choice. As soon as it launches, contact Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville in Greenville, North Carolina, for a test drive.

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