Don’t Let Your Car Overheat

person looking under hood of car with steam rising from engine
It’s hot out there. The summer sun is beating down and raising temperatures here in North Carolina, and it’s important to keep cool during this sweltering season. When the mercury rises, it’s also essential to keep your engine temperature in-check, as when things get too hot under the hood, your vehicle won’t be able to function properly. You can even risk engine damage if you try to keep driving, so keep these tips in mind if your vehicle ever starts to overheat while you’re driving.

Overheat Warning Signs

It helps to act quickly if your engine starts to overheat, so pay attention to your vehicle and don’t hesitate if it shows signs of trouble under the hood. Be sure to monitor you’re the engine thermometer on your dashboard. It should remain below the three-quarter notch at all times, and if it ever climbs past that mark, that’s a clear sign that your vehicle’s cooling system isn’t able to cool the engine properly. Just in case your gauge isn’t functioning right, it pays to look out for other warning signs in the summer, too. As the engine struggles in the heat, you might notice a dip in the vehicle’s normal performance. Steam coming from under the hood is also a prime indicator that the engine is too hot, as the fluids in the cooling system have become so hot that they’ve started to boil.

What to Do

If you notice any warning signs that your engine is overheating, pull over as soon as safely possible and turn off the engine. If you can’t pull over immediately and have to drive a short distance to find a spot to stop, you should keep the air conditioner off and turn on the heat. Although it might seem strange and could even be uncomfortable, shutting off the A/C will ease the burden on the engine, and the heater will draw warmth from the cooling system. After you’ve pulled over, call for a tow to the auto shop.

Preventative Measures

Engine overheating is a potentially serious auto problem that’s worth avoiding. It could happen to anyone, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. Have an automotive expert inspect your engine on a regular basis to make sure all the parts of the cooling system are in reliable shape, and get your oil changed routinely as well. If you haven’t had an expert look at your engine in a while, this hot summer season is the perfect time to come into the service center for a checkup.

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