Are Electric Cars The Future?

Hand plugging electric charger

In the last few years, electric cars have been discussed as the future of cars, but only in recent times have there been more opportunities for middle-income households to be able to access these efficient vehicles. With many different environmental issues caused in part by gas use, electric vehicles have the ability to decarbonize our planet. In addition to decarbonization, the automotive future is electric because it prevents emissions, traffic congestion, and safety hazards.

Sustainability Regulations

Governments all over the world are starting to pass legislation that will regulate and incentivize a shift towards sustainable transportation. Most governments also offer EV subsidies. Another important factor in cutting greenhouse gas emissions is reducing private vehicle use by offering more support to alternatives like bicycles.

Technology also plays a large role in sustainable travel. Automotive technology is constantly evolving to find new concepts of electric and shared mobility. Electrification is just one technological advancement that will aid in transforming the mobility industry for the better.

Reaching Net Zero

Decarbonizing a vehicle is an important step in reaching net-zero emissions, but decarbonizing EV production is what needs to be done in order to reach net-zero goals. There are two important pieces to decarbonizing the production of electric vehicles. Increasing recycled content and using green raw materials. Doing these two things will save emissions, but also increase the costs of recycled materials. While these two solutions may be simple answers to saving emissions in production, they will likely be costly.

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Current Capabilities

Though these solutions look hopeful, there are feats in the way as well. EV sales will take time to have a large impact. That’s why other transportation factors are so important such as increasing shared mobility, reducing private car transportation, and adjusting societal norms on walking and biking.

Removing highly polluting vehicles is also a good step towards reduced emissions. While this will take time increasing the use of bio and e-fuels for these vehicles to reduce the carbon footprint. There are limited zero-emissions alternatives that exist today, but that is why the importance of developing more is imperative.

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