What We Know About The 2023 Honda Pilot

2023 Pilot

Honda has a stellar reputation. A part of that is its rollout of new vehicles and trims. In other words, each new generation offers more or better than the one before. The 2023 Honda Pilot is a perfect example of this.

Emerging Details

Currently, no one knows what’s included in the 2023 Honda Pilot’s makeover. However, going by early indicators, you can anticipate some amazing additions and improvements. Already, this all-new generation SUV is getting a lot of attention.

New Aesthetics

The 2023 Honda Pilot still has a roomy and comfortable interior. As a result, you’ll still enjoy a smooth ride, whether going back and forth to work or on weekend adventures. However, thanks to a teaser photo released by Honda, there is one big difference to the exterior.

The image shows that the 2023 Pilot Trailsport is more rugged. So, if you want an SUV that’s smooth yet capable, be sure to check out the new model. Looking at the photo, it also looks as though the Pilot’s redesign includes horizontal headlights and new taillights. While not confirmed, it even appears to have a large black grille.

Considering all the information leaked so far, there’s no question that the 2023 Pilot will do incredibly well.

Potential Changes to the Powertrain and Operating System

Besides changes to the exterior, Honda recently talked about building more hybrid powertrains. Traditionally, the Pilot has a V6 engine, but after hearing this news, perhaps this automaker plans to offer an electric option. Whether that happens to the 2023 model or not, the Pilot will still provide plenty of power with a 280-horsepower engine.

Some people even think the 2023 Honda Pilot will feature a turbocharged V6. In that case, it could easily compete with its top rivals, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ford Bronco. In addition, it’s believed that all models will have an all-wheel drive option. Even then, this SUV will continue to operate on a front-wheel-drive platform.

Improved Styling

Once the 2023 Honda Pilot rolls out, you’ll probably see updated styling as well. By giving this SUV a boost, it’ll rank with some of the other automaker’s vehicles. Those include the Civic sedan and hatchback, as well as the CR-V. Overall, the 2023 model will have a complete makeover.

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An Amazing Trim

According to someone who took the Pilot Trailsport prototype for a test drive, it’s a game changer. With a new suspension package, it can easily tackle tougher terrain than before. As part of this package are a 1.0-inch lift, all-terrain tires, and steel skid plates.

Perhaps the most exciting change is the all-wheel drive system. This includes a special Trail driving mode. If you go by what Honda promised, the Trailsport trim of the 2023 Honda Pilot will accomplish two things. It’ll comfortably accommodate your family and offer more rugged capability.

Now, you need to wait until the 2023 model rolls out. Only then will you know about all the changes that Honda made. If this sounds like the right vehicle for you, call Barbour Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina. That way, when it comes in, you’ll be among the first to know.

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