What To Do About Condensation In Your Car

condensation on car window

There is nothing worse than turning on your car to go to work or run errands, only to find that your vehicle’s windows instantly fog up. Not only is it annoying, but it is also a safety hazard as it impairs your ability to see the road clearly. If you are flummoxed as to how this occurs, you are not alone. Thankfully, Confused.com has the answers to clear up your puzzlement on what to do about condensation in your car.

Understanding the Causes of Condensation

Before getting into how you can stop condensation in your car, you must first understand the causes of condensation. When there are differences in temperature between the inside and outside of your vehicle with the presence of humidity, condensation will most likely occur. This typically occurs when your car’s interior is warm. The heat touches the cold glass, causing the appearance of condensation. While the heater can be the cause of fogged-up glass, it is not the only culprit. Even your or your passengers’ warm breath can cause condensation. Another root for condensation to appear is if you have a blocked pollen filter.

How to Stop Condensation in Your Car

Now that you know how condensation can be created in your vehicle, you will be prepared on how to stop the condensation. First, turn your blowers to full blast while adjusting the temperature to cold. You may be inclined to set your vehicle to heat when it’s cold outside, but it is the extreme temperature difference that causes the condensation. Therefore, turn on the air but to cold first to get the glass acclimated to the cabin air. You can then slowly adjust the air to a warmer temperature. You can also turn on your car’s heated windscreen if it has this available feature.

Other things you can do to stop the condensation are to clean your windows both inside and out as well as remove any damp items from the car such as a wet umbrella or damp towel. Washing your car’s windows can aid in removing dirt particles that may attract moisture, and having wet items in your car can be a contributing factor to the appearance of moisture in the vehicle.

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Stay Safe on the Road

There can be many dangers on the road that you cannot avoid. Don’t let condensation be one of those hazards. As you can see, there are several helpful ways to avoid and cease condensation from occurring in your vehicle. Stay prepared so you can drive carefree on the road!

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