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Winter Prep Checklist

mechanics fixing a car
Summer temperatures are cooling down, and fall is creeping closer. And after the wear and tear of summer driving, it’s a great time to check over your car. Summer weather can cause minor issues for your car, and fall and winter bring their own potential problems. Use this winter prep... [read more]

Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For The Winter

Driving car in winter time
Greenville might not get very much snow, but the temperature drops quite a bit during winter. Unfortunately, the drop in temperature and possible inclement weather can wreak havoc on your car.  Fortunately, you can make sure your vehicle is ready to power through the season with these tips. Check Under the... [read more]

Winter-Proof Your Ride With These Tips

man sits at the wheel of his car sunny winter day shoeing thumbs up gesture. Wintertime road trip.
Winter will be here before you know it, but you still have time to get your vehicle ready. The right winter-proofing strategies will help you overcome ice, tire traction problems, and more. Find out what you need to do to winter-proof your ride this year. Then, get started, so you’ll... [read more]