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Winter Prep Checklist

mechanics fixing a car
Summer temperatures are cooling down, and fall is creeping closer. And after the wear and tear of summer driving, it’s a great time to check over your car. Summer weather can cause minor issues for your car, and fall and winter bring their own potential problems. Use this winter prep... [read more]

Car Maintenance Is Easy With This Helpful Guide

Man works under the hood of a car
Although major car problems are common, there’s an easy way to avoid them. Many times, drivers don’t have basic maintenance done on their vehicles. This is what keeps cars running and safe to drive. One benefit of proper maintenance is that you’ll get more life out of your vehicle. Another... [read more]

Everything You Need To Know About The Drive Belt

auto technician working under the hood of a vehicle
Did you know that your car uses three types of drive belts? The serpentine belt, V-belt, and timing belt keep your vehicle running at optimal levels. Thus, the belts must always be in working order. Find out everything you need to know about drive belts so you can monitor them.... [read more]